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The First International Photography Biennial of the Islamic World

Just thought I would pass this along…


The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Academy of Arts is about to hold The First International Biennial of Photography in the Islamic World, in line with its research and artistic programs for Contemporary Arts of Islamic World.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Academy of Arts

Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute
Palestine Contemporary Arts Museum
Bonyad-e Shahid va Omur-e Isargaran Organization

Visual Arts Center of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum

Aims of the biennial
- To identify and provide the characteristics of Islamic atmospheres;
- To promote the basis of communications and the exchange of artistic experiences between the artists of the Islamic World;
- To take notice of the artistic experiences of young photographers in Islamic communities;
- To examine cultural and spiritual identity in Islamic societies;
- To introduce contemporary photographers active across the Islamic World.

Subject of the exhibition
The Muslim Family (in Islamic and non-Islamic countries). Works submitted to the biennial should be related to the Muslim family and deal with the following issues:
- Living environment (architecture, rhythm…);
- Daily life (leisure time, education, work, travel, immigration…);
- Religion and traditions (ceremonies, poles of attraction…);
- Resistance (dedication, martyrdom…);
- Social issues and familial culture (interaction between tradition and modernity, impact of mass media, influence of worldwide ideas…);
- Natural and man-made disasters (impact of floods, earthquakes, etc.)

1- Collection Photographs
2- Single Photographs

Calendar of the biennial
- Works submission deadline: December 22nd, 2007
- Selection of works and judgment: December 31st, 2007
- Opening of the exhibition: May 5th, 2008
- Closure ceremony: June 11th, 2008

Secretary of the biennial
Seyyed Abbas Mir-Hashemi

Dariush Askari

Selection board
Bahman Jalali (Iran)
Farhad Soleimani (Iran)
Saeid Sadeqi (Iran)
Sa’ed Nikzat (Iran)
Farzad Hashemi (Iran)

It consists of four members of the selection jury and three non-Iranian artists.

1- A statuette and a plaque of honor of the Iranian Academy of Arts and 2000 euros (€) for 3 artists of distinguished works in the section of Collection Photographs.
2- A plaque of honor of the Iranian Academy of Arts, a statuette of the Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute and 1000 euros (€) for 3 artists of selected works in the Collection Photographs section;
3- A statuette and a plaque of honor of the Iranian Academy of Arts and 1500 euros (€) for 3 artists of distinguished works in the single photograph section;
4- A plaque of honor of the Iranian Academy of Arts, a statuette of the Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute and 800 euros (€) for 5 artists of selected works in the Single Photograph section.

Conditions of participation
1- All photographers are free to participate in this biennial;
2- Each photographer may submit a maximum of 7 single photographs and one collection (of 7 photographs at most) to the secretariat of the biennial;
3- Photographs may be submitted either in color or B/W;
4- Each photograph should be accompanied by a digital copy on CD (.TIF format; 300 DPI resolution; minimal width: 20 cm) and an A4-size hard copy;
5- Since the photographs will be judged by their prints, the entrants should take due care as concerns their quality and correspondence to the originals;
6- The prints will bear, on the back, at the lower right corner, a label containing their specifications;
7- Collection photographs should be numbered in the desired order;
8- The photographs submitted should be authentically documentary and entirely unaltered;
9- The photographs should have been shot in 2001 or later;
10- Photographs unaccompanied by a participation form, lacking proper labeling or reaching the secretariat after the deadline will not be submitted to the selection board;
11- As the information appearing in their participation forms and labels will be used in the preparation of publications and exhibition materials, the entrants will be responsible for their accuracy;
12- The secretariat of the biennial assumes the entrants of the photographs to be their owners; however, in cases where this is proved to be incorrect, all distinctions gained will be annulled, the works concerned will be discarded from the exhibition and its related publications, and their entrants will be liable for all ensuing legal consequences;
13- The celebrator will be entitled, while preserving the photographers’ material and intellectual rights, to utilize selected works for exhibition, publication, information and publicity purposes;
14- All the CDs and prints submitted will be kept at their entrants’ disposition at the executive secretariat of the biennial for two months after the exhibition, and be destroyed past this date;
15- A submission of works implies the acceptation of the rules and any decision concerning unforeseen issues and the interpretation of the rules belongs to the secretariat of the biennial;
16- Accepted works will be published in a sumptuous book, a copy of which will be presented, together with a participation certificate, to their owners.

Address :

Saba Cultural & Artistic Institute
No 53, Mozafar St, Taleghani Ave,
Felestin Square, Tehran, Iran
Tel: 0098 21 66487534
Fax: 0098 21 66487534
Web Site: www.caiw.ir

by [a former member] at 2007-10-17 20:42:30 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Stuttgart , Germany | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Thanks for posting this!

by [former member] | 24 Nov 2007 23:11 | Anaheim and Jeddah (Saudi Arab, United States | | Report spam→
I hope a lot of people apply!

by [former member] | 25 Nov 2007 22:11 | Stuttgart, Germany | | Report spam→
pretty nice initiative. i received the email some time ago. i hope a lot of shooters will submit work.

by [former member] | 26 Nov 2007 08:11 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | | Report spam→
hopefully many photographers will participate.

by Tony Hartawan | 26 Nov 2007 11:11 | Jakarta, Indonesia | | Report spam→
Thanks for the posting. Has anyone been able to find the participation form on the Web site?

by Hank Streeter | 27 Nov 2007 07:11 | Chicago, United States | | Report spam→

by Andrew Wheeler | 27 Nov 2007 08:11 | Paris, France | | Report spam→

Has anyone saved templates of the participation form and the labels sheet? They’re still nowhere to be find on the website… Many thanks.

by Amro Hamzawi | 01 Dec 2007 20:12 | Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→

More about sponsorship→


Tony Hartawan, Photographer Tony Hartawan
Jakarta , Indonesia
Hank Streeter, Instructor Hank Streeter
Chicago , United States ( ORD )
Andrew Wheeler, Photographer Andrew Wheeler
Paris , France
Amro Hamzawi, Photographer Amro Hamzawi
Paris , France


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