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the Fisher 500-C

since everyone loves to poke fun at me for my anti-digital tendencies, developing film in bathtubs, and so on, i want to announce that i just received today, the FISHER 500-C stereo! This is a 1967 tube FM receiver and amplifier, the very LAST of the tube stereos made for the consumer market. My dad had one when I was growing up, and threw it away sometime in the 1980s when it was broken. Now they sell for anywhere up to $500 on eBay, I got this one for $275, and it is worth every penny. Not even playing records, but just hooking up my little walkman CD player to it, through JBL speakers, its warm, glowing, extraordinary sound makes you realize just what they meant by HI-FIDELITY

throw away your iPods, this was how music was meant to be heard…

by [a former member] at 2005-03-04 15:53:19 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) New York , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

speaking of developing in the batbtub, that’s what i’m doing now. off the plane, into the darkroom. hey alan, just a quick note on xtol. it’s derived from vitamin c, aparantly better for the environment. anyway, it’s an odd joy to have not seen anything for three long weeks on the road and then finally get home, after fighting various airports to have hand inspections on the film (you can actually lear a lot about the mentality of countrues in how they respond to this request) put them on the reels, swish them around in various liquids and then magically a negative appears, then a picture. nothing can beat it. ….by the way, if you where truly in love with that FISHER-500 you’d never attach a cd walkman to it….records my friend, records. its the new thing….. if i’m alive by 10 tonight i’ll come by and hear your band.

by [former member] | 05 Mar 2005 01:03 | nyc, United States | | Report spam→
It the Fisher still working with the record table? You have to take a picture of your older tech collection, typewriter, fisher, and I´m sure you may have even a real old metal GE type fan where you can really loose a finger. Curious of what you all have in terms of working machines that still work after 30 plus years, something that doesn´t happen today.

by [former member] | 06 Mar 2005 06:03 | Cornella de Llobregat, Spain | | Report spam→
actually i inherited one of those fans from my great-uncle who lived in an unimproved tenement flat on eldridge street from 1964 until his death in 1986, i used it for a few years until it started smoking one hot summer day and burnt itself out. all of this old stuff requires a lot of maintenance to keep it going, i’m going to replace all the old capacitors and resistors in the Fisher, there’s a guy in Staten Island who sells all the parts…same with old cameras or old typewriters and so on…you do have to make an investment. but at least with luck and preserverance, it’s worth it. whereas there are three generations of old laptop computers and a box of old cellphones sitting in my closet, totally useless and not worth a dime.

by [former member] | 06 Mar 2005 11:03 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
Now all you need Alan is a pair of state of the art Tannoy speakers for your stereo system, then you are really talking Hi Fidelity. Crispest, warmest, clearest sound available, and you can get the cheaper ones for about 200 to 300 dollars. It is a bit much to spend, and usually only musicians and recording studio types own them, but man, once you hear the difference you can´t go back to normal speakers.

as for souping film in the bath at home, after a long period of shooting and not seeing the results, there is definitely something to be said for delayed gratification: the old method requires patience, and thus instills a kind of deliberate reflection and careful judgment. Consumerism is built around instant gratification, but it often involves a notable loss of quality: just look at fast food. Yeah, it arrives instantly, but where´s the pleasure in it if it is just dreck. The whole chemical process of photography makes you think in a different way. But it is definitely designed for a slower way of life.

by Jon Anderson | 06 Mar 2005 12:03 | Ditmars and 41st, Astoria, United States | | Report spam→
Can anyone provide more information on the guy in Staten Island with the Fisher 500 parts?

by Robert Pillitteri | 03 Apr 2006 20:04 | Seattle, United States | | Report spam→

located in staten island, new york. they sell a “fisher renovation kit” that requires more skill than i have, and last time i talked to the guy he said he was too busy to do the labor on mine.

there is also a site called www.audiokarma.org which is like lightstalkers for stereophiles and audio junkies.

my project to recreate the 1960s continues — in the form of acquiring films + TV shows on DVD — “The Apartment,” (dir. Billy Wilder, 1962), “Casino Royale” (the James Bond spoof, 1967), “Solaris” (Tarkovsky, 1972, anythinjg up to 1980, really, is OK?), “Naked City” TV episodes (1960-63), “The Good, The Bad And the Ugly” (1966, i think?) etc. etc.

if anyone wants to get rid of old rotary telephones, 1960s maps + tour guides, collections of old kodachromes and B+W negatives, sixties office implements, etc., let me know….

by [former member] | 03 Apr 2006 21:04 | New York, NY, United States | | Report spam→
Alan and Jon, I am going to make you jealous…I have somewhere a pair of 15" Tannoy Gold monitors speakers, 1972 vintage…hehehe, remember I used to be a recording engineer (I also had one of Europe’s best collection of vintage tube microphones)…Next time I pass by Brooklyn, I am going to check this Fisher out…and I want that copy of Casino Royale, David Niven in Bond…the ultimate…

by [former member] | 03 Apr 2006 23:04 | in Brussels, relaxing for once, Belgium | | Report spam→

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