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Travel Agent Suggestions?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a reasonably-priced travel agent (USA based) who can coordinate flights / book tickets / sit on the phone with airlines? I find that I waste so much time doing this (and I am not very good at it either… I always find something cheaper after I book a ticket). Do agents charge a percentage or a flat fee? I would pay someone to do this just so I don’t have to endure the headache…


by [a former member] at 2010-06-28 01:54:00 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

I reckon there was a very good old post about it a few years ago.

by [former member] | 28 Jun 2010 08:06 | Milan, Italy | | Report spam→
What’s a travel agent? Doesn’t everybody use www.kayak.com?

by James Colburn | 28 Jun 2010 14:06 | McAllen, Texas, United States | | Report spam→
For the longest time, and way after i was eligible, i did all my bookings through a local (although not to me) STA Travel agent. I had a friend whose friend’s girlfriend was an agent, etc., got an ISIC card, then the best deals, every time. Renewals were not even a problem, through central office people i didn’t know, which gave me the impression this wasn’t so uncommon. My last listed college was Whassamatta U.

I let that lapse, but just thought i’d throw that out there for anyone still with university connections. Great service when abroad, too.

But I did recently start going to a travel agent again (here in Phnom Penh), and she always beats anything I find online, and on better airlines.

by [former member] | 28 Jun 2010 17:06 | Phnom Penh, Cambodia | | Report spam→
Try Elda Deal at Argo World Travel down in NC. (828) 322-6400 She’s been hooking me up with the best fares for more than a decade now. Really sweet and really good. Tell her I sent you…

by [former member] | 28 Jun 2010 18:06 | Brooklyn, NY, United States | | Report spam→
is the travel foreign or domestic based?

by Menashe Wodinsky | 29 Jun 2010 01:06 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
Try this guy, Nadim, he’s an independent based in Spain and is damn good at getting tickets to tricky places. Has Skype and is always very fast to respond to email, highly recommended… nadim ([{at]}) arrakis ((dot )) es

Have fun!

by Ed Giles | 29 Jun 2010 23:06 | Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
Paul Corin/Boca Express/561-482-0030/betravel@hotmail.com

by Richard Lord | 30 Jun 2010 09:06 | Nairobi and Kisumu, Kenya | | Report spam→
Use kayak.com your best option. Travel agent days are over.

by Raffi Kirdi | 07 Jul 2010 13:07 | Montreal, Canada | | Report spam→

by [former member] | 07 Jul 2010 13:07 | Bangkok, Thailand | | Report spam→
Thanks all! I’m just now getting to read all of these posts…

In response: yes, I use Kayak frequently and its a great site. However, when planning multi-destination trips it can be a bit tricky. For instance, I am trying to find cheap airfare from a European / mid-east city that flies into Kabul, and because its Afghanistan no web-based, discount airfare companies are going to offer flights there.

I will try the travel agents recommended by Damaso, Ed, and Paul… Thank you!

by [former member] | 18 Jul 2010 20:07 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
ALSO, in case any of you are looking for ways to fly free: I have been using a “World Points Mastercard” for almost 10 years now. I have two cards, one for business purchases and one for personal purchases, and I try to put the majority of my expenses on both cards. When you spend money on the cards you rack up points, which you can redeem for airfare. So, every few years I have enough points saved for a round trip ticket anywhere in the world. This system has flown me once to Uganda, and once to Dubai… pretty cool way to earn rewards as you spend money. Only trick is making sure you don’t accumulate too much interest on your credit card! :)

by [former member] | 18 Jul 2010 21:07 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
I used Paul Corin from Boca Travel and he was great… he found me a very affordable multi-destination ticket. Thanks!!!

by [former member] | 23 Jul 2010 15:07 | Austin, United States | | Report spam→
When I was flying back and forth to Beirut a while ago I used a guy named Riad based in Massachusetts. He was very good at getting me great prices.


Safe travels.


by Matthew Arnold | 18 Aug 2010 07:08 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
similar to Kayak (which I didn’t know!) is www.skyscanner.com

by Simona Dalla Valle | 21 Aug 2010 11:08 | Milan, Italy | | Report spam→

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