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Useful podcasts for PJs and aspiring PJs?

I’m searching for useful podcasts for photographers and PJs. Just found this one for photographers:

Can you add some great podcasts for PJs and aspiring PJs?

I have a bunch of space on my iPod that I’m trying to fill up with some helpful podcasts for whilst I travel for the next 8 months [probably longer!]

by Ando Perez at 2008-09-20 03:19:31 UTC (ed. Sep 22 2008 ) Saint Tugdual , France | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Check out the Podcast directory in iTunes. There is a whole category there for “Visual Arts.”

by Jon Vidar | 20 Sep 2008 04:09 | Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→
Getty’s got a few on their site, http://imagery.gettyimages.com/podcast/index.html?isource=usa_gilabs_txt_podcast

by Morten Svenningsen | 20 Sep 2008 04:09 | Kathmandu, Nepal | | Report spam→
Jon…time is a bit tight for me to check through that lot, I have two days before I’m on the road again…hot tips?

Thanks Morten! Off to check them out…

by Ando Perez | 20 Sep 2008 05:09 | Saint Tugdual, France | | Report spam→
Hey Blue,

Sorry don’t have any in particular to recommend. Just saw it up there. What I would recommend though is downloading some language podcasts for whatever regions you are going to be in ;-)


by Jon Vidar | 20 Sep 2008 06:09 | Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→
fooc – from the bbc, no photos but generally excellent journalism.


by sbramin | 20 Sep 2008 06:09 | toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
LightSource Photography Podcast:


useful tips and tricks about lighting.

and this one, aperture 2 tricks:


by marius sortland myklebust | 20 Sep 2008 06:09 | Wellington, New Zealand | | Report spam→
Jon : ) always up for tips! Got plenty of language podcasts and courses though. Just need time to practice them now…only needing to practice my French, develop my Spanish, and learn Portuguese from scratch [that’s the stumbling block!]

s.b. ramin > good tip!

marius > got the Aperture one in my regulars

Hoping to see more up here, stuff that will benefit others, not just myself…

by Ando Perez | 20 Sep 2008 08:09 | Saint Tugdual, France | | Report spam→
These are great. My day job I can do in my sleep, so these podcasts will keep me going.

by Brian C Frank | 20 Sep 2008 22:09 | Des Moines, Iowa, United States | | Report spam→
Excellent. Loving the Getty ones. Any more out there?

by Ando Perez | 21 Sep 2008 09:09 | Saint Tugdual, France | | Report spam→
I have had these ones for a while from Stanford University:

Journalism & Media – Events
Journalism in Crisis – Audio

Hours of material to listen to.

by Jonathan JK Morris | 21 Sep 2008 13:09 | Swansea, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
try here aswell


by pierfrancesco celada | 21 Sep 2008 13:09 | Newcastle upon tyne, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
These are great! Keep em coming…

by Ando Perez | 22 Sep 2008 07:09 | Saint Tugdual, France | | Report spam→

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