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VII seminar NYC

will anybody be attending the VII seminar this month in NYC? has anyone been to one before and can tell me what to expect?


by Manny Dominguez Jr. at 2005-10-07 13:11:13 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) philadelphia , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

I’m going, and have no idea what to expect. Sounds like fun…

by Morgan Hagar | 07 Oct 2005 16:10 | | Report spam→
im not going

but ive been to these things before. the work could inspire you and make you look at things in a different way. but sometimes the verbal part of it is vague. for example i once saw chien chi chang speak, someone asked him how he was able to do his work (the chinatown stuff) and he just kept repeating “i eat alot of rice.” ive heard that the last vii seminar was kind of like that. no practical advice but alot of “feel your pictures” and “follow your passion” stuff. chances are portfolio reviews could go something like “you have a nice eye, but i dont see your passion” and yadda yadda yadda. in the past, seminars seem to me a chance for the photographers to get together and make some money off of people who crave their knowledge. think eddie adams workshop, mophotoworkshop, etc… where about 75% of the faculty is drunk about 75% of the time and all of the participants are busy trying to hook up with each other or “network” with editors btn doing mediocre stories. BUT, i hope im wrong. (man, im too cynical)

by Kenneth Dickerman | 07 Oct 2005 16:10 | Chicago, Il, United States | | Report spam→
haha that was the greatest post i’ve read so far on this site

by Gary He | 07 Oct 2005 16:10 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
Hahaha, I guess it’s good I can’t make it up that weekend.  lol

by Mark Gong | 07 Oct 2005 16:10 | Washington D.C., United States | | Report spam→
Kenneth…that’s great! i couldn’t have said it better…i guess we went to the same "workshops"….

by [former member] | 07 Oct 2005 17:10 | Sacramento, United States | | Report spam→
I’m going ;) But it’s as much an excuse to get back to New York City (spent the summer there … miss it terribly).
I do, however, think there is something to learn from people talking about their work… That is, I am hopeful there will be something for me to take away from the experience. Then again, I haven’t been to any of ‘the workshops’ before.
I’ll keep the words above in the back of my head … and won’t be too disappointed if I don’t learn much. Either way, its a chance to see some great photographers, great work and be in the city again … if but for a long weekend.

by [former member] | 07 Oct 2005 22:10 | Seattle, WA, United States | | Report spam→
I think the topic of workshop reviews is something that every member of LS could benefit from. I hope other people feel the same way. I understand the topic is very subjective, some people find inspiration at these workshops while others feel it’s a crock of shit (ie.Ken); but it should make for an interesting debate.

Looking forward to your feedback Matt.

by Ryan Pyle | 07 Oct 2005 22:10 | Shanghai, China | | Report spam→
I am attending the workshop….and I am looking forward to seeing some of the best PJ’s in the world talk about their work. It will be good. -michael

by Michael Jarecki | 07 Oct 2005 23:10 | Chicago, Illinois, United States | | Report spam→

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