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What i ve done is right or wrong....

What to do when a reupted photojournlist from uk pay money to a subject not 1 but many & shoots in a journalistic way & for news story…with every thing setup,though i had an assienment with him for 4 day..but had to quit the job working for only 1 & half day…becuase i was disturbed the way he was shooting for journalistic purpose….I am disturbed with this incident & in some month i would be quitting my position from fixer to different position…as i think the passion of journlism is dyeing…

by Dinesh Dubey at 2013-03-14 17:09:31 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Well that seriously sad and should not be left without some serious reaction in defense of “dying” photojournalism… Don’t suffer as that’s not ur fault and you should do something about it – that guy can not get away with it…

by Pawel Kwiecien | 14 Mar 2013 20:03 (ed. Mar 14 2013) | manchester, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
he has come to India for 6 days & he will be doing 6 stories on different issue..i was surprised when he told me that one of story the Indian overseas working & sending money to India…wanted to Fix it up whether the subject is true or not, but wanted to fix it up with interview….If a senior photojournalist r involved in such Thing, what our young & emerging photojournalist will do…The photojournalist has worked with Reputed news like..Times magazine,Guardian,Telegraph & FT for UK,& NEW york times…..the world should know him..& his working condition….& even his publication…

by Dinesh Dubey | 15 Mar 2013 05:03 | MUMBAI, India | | Report spam→
Hey Dinesh, sad to hear! But, you’ve followed your instinct and maintained to your principles, that’s the only right thing to do!
In thoughts, you can always pull 4 fingers down and keep the middle one up…

by Richard van Bennekom | 17 Mar 2013 18:03 | Amsterdam, Netherlands | | Report spam→
Hi Dinesh, maybe you could get in touch with the magazine he’s working for and tell them what you saw, maybe the magazine is not aware and they would like to know what’s happening. Do not quit journalism because of bad experiences, there are also a lot of very committed photographers and they need serious and committed fixers like you, you are so essential to this profession!

by Matilde Gattoni | 17 Mar 2013 21:03 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
Mmm. Was an entity without name the photojournalist you mentioned? Was a portrait or a news issue? Did you ask to the photographer why he or she staged the theme? Do you have a reply?
I don’t know what you done right or wrong if you don’t tell us what you done and the context.

by Hernan Zenteno | 18 Mar 2013 19:03 | Buenos Aires, Argentina | | Report spam→
don’t quit dinesh, in the field i found some of them did that, by telling their subject to do this and that, but there are also who commit to do journalsim as the “telling the truth” thing. If you have passion in documentary and journalism just don’t quit, consider it’s an experience and some thing that you will not do event you have a dead line for story to submit to editor.

by donal husni | 12 Apr 2013 20:04 | Serpong, Indonesia | | Report spam→
Perhaps if you tell us the name of said photojournalist you worked with it be easier to see what has happened there…

by Olli | 18 Apr 2013 11:04 | | Report spam→
Dinesh, sorry to say the journalistic ethics are not the same here in the UK as they are in the USA or other places :(

by Gary Austin | 18 Apr 2013 23:04 | Derby, United Kingdom | | Report spam→

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