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WOMEN OF COURAGE - Book Launch and Exhibition

WOMEN OF COURAGE – Book Launch and Exhibition, Wednesday, October 3.

Redux Pictures gallery
116 East 16th street
12th Floor
New York, NY 10003
6:30 – 8:30PM




Women of Courage: Intimate Stories from Afghanistan, Katherine Kiviat and Scott Heidler

Generations of Women Fight to Transform Their World in Women of Courage: Intimate Stories from Afghanistan
“Kiviat and Heidler take you on a journey through the lives of Afghan policewomen, paratroopers, artists, actresses, and scores of others who for too long have remained hidden under the burqa. The ghosts have emerged and at this moment, they are triumphant. This is a beautiful book.” —Marie Brenner, Author, Great Dames: What I Learned From Older Women

The world remembers the stomach-turning television news images of Afghan women executed in the Kabul stadium, and the stories of women being beaten in the streets of Afghanistan for infractions that seem frivolous to a Westerner—letting their hair be seen or leaving their family compound without permission. The world remembers the quick overthrow of the Taliban just months after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and the new images of free Afghan women rushing to beauty salons to coif their hair, and little girls wearing crisp new uniforms streaming into classrooms—the first time for most of them going to lessons outside underground, secret schools. But what is the situation like now for the women of Afghanistan after the world’s attention has left?

In Women of Courage: Intimate Stories from Afghanistan ($19.95; Hardcover; September 2007), photojournalist Katherine Kiviat and Fox News Middle East Correspondent Scott Heidler offer a new glimpse of the true stories and incredible work Afghan women are doing to push for continued reform and maintain the freedoms they have so recently won back.
With the courage of Afghan heroines from many walks of life—privileged/poor, educated/simple, athletic/disabled, politically connected/rural, self-promoting/motherly—change is taking flight. It is here, in the pages of Women of Courage, where compelling photographs and unfiltered interviews will allow you to look into the eyes and read the words of some of these heroines. From a Bread Maker to a Presidential Candidate, a University Student to a Bee Keeper, and a Fortune Teller to an Afghan National Army Helicopter Pilot, these women are all agents of change in their future, in their country, trying to make a better tomorrow for themselves and their daughters..

Katherine Kiviat is a Middle-East based documentary photographer and photojournalist who, for almost three years, based herself in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she completed the Afghan version of the book called Parwana, with Heidler. Kiviat has worked for numerous international publications, including Fortune, Time, Newsweek, and The New York Times Magazine. Scott Heidler is a Middle East Correspondent for Fox News TV and Radio. Over his 10-year journalism career he has reported and produced for CNN, the National Geographic Channel, SKY News (UK), CBC (Canada), New York Daily News and The Times of London. They are presently based in Jerusalem and New York.

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03 Oct 2007 00:10
Its a wonderful display of images, so best of luck for the exhibition. I was able to meet one of your “women of courage” from afghanistan. Miss Farzana Wahidy… Such a strong woman she is and when she spoke about how she continues to work under those conditions in afghanistan makes her and others even more worthy of appreciation.

by Sana Manzoor | 14 Sep 2007 03:09 | New York, United States | | Report spam→

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Katherine Kiviat, Photographer Katherine Kiviat
New York City , United States ( JFK )
Sana Manzoor, Photographer Sana Manzoor
New York , United States


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