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WpN is looking for interns!

Interns Needed for WpN

World Picture Network is looking for an editorial intern to assist the picture desk with processing and captioning international news images. Responsibilities include working under the supervision of the picture desk editors and being informed on current news events. Must be a careful, detail-oriented worker with an interest in photojournalism and excellent English and computer skills. A minimum amount of experience in photo editing is required.
We are looking for an internship candidate who can work at least 2-3 days a week, preferably including Thursday and Friday.

World Picture Network represents the work of some of the world’s premiere photographers and photojournalists. With more than 300 photographers and well over 5,000 media clients all over the world, WpN is devoted to distributing the most current news, entertainment, sports, travel, and business images to media outlets.

Course credit and a travel stipend is available. Please submit a resume and cover letter to kara.fox@worldpicturenews.com

by Kara Fox at 2007-03-01 21:17:24 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) New York , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

One would assume the post is also to help cope with the backlog of unanswered E-mails

by John Wreford | 02 Mar 2007 03:03 (ed. Mar 2 2007) | Damascus, Syria | | Report spam→
_Course credit and a travel stipend is available. _

I always love how positively not paying interns reflects on organizations.

by [former member] | 02 Mar 2007 08:03 | Lausanne, Switzerland | | Report spam→
I was an intern for WpN in july and august 2006, they were kind, sending me out to shoot, and only a day in the office, where i have been helped and followed aptly. Also, I have been shooting my own stories while i was in NY which has sold and I have managed to make up for my flight, living and some more out of those pictures,not to say that now i am a regular contributor, and very well in touch with the picture desk. So, i d say, yeah, no pay….but it offers many more possibilities that 5 days a week office work like magnum or vii, although i can’t give judgement on their work experiences schemes as i don’t have the experience. I would lv to know from others though.



by [former member] | 02 Mar 2007 10:03 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
By no means this it is aimed at justifying big organisations for not paying the interns…
It is just a big gambling world these days…


by [former member] | 02 Mar 2007 10:03 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
How long would this internship last?

by Phil Brown | 02 Mar 2007 10:03 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
i was there 7 weeks, but i bet you could do longer, or shorter. They are only looking for 2-3 days a wk, the rest would be for shooting i guess…I was there in june and july…


by [former member] | 02 Mar 2007 10:03 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Sounds like quite a good internship to me. No-one pays interns in this or any other media-related industry as far as I can see. Unfortunate, but it’s just supply and demand really. I would probably apply if I was in a better financial position to do so. Having just finished at Magnum I really need to earn some money. Oh well.

by Phil Brown | 02 Mar 2007 10:03 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
The fact that they don’t pay for internship is usual as I know from the different post here and elsewhere. As John implies in the second intervention uphere, WPN seems inconsistent in their relationship with Photographers. There was another thread on this topic recently. Some of us had less than desirable experiences with them.

For my part I was on their list of contributors without having any information to log or to have an account or answer at my email. Sundenly after a few weeks I was erased from the list. That was last year.

And a few weeks ago, my name reappeared on the list. After having spoken to an editor wich apologized for last year communication breakdown and that they manifested interest again. They were supposed to come back on this afew days later. But again, the communication broke down and my name was erased from the list without any explication or email return.

I know they have probably many things to do and that, as they say
“World Picture Network represents the work of some of the world’s premiere photographers and photojournalists. With more than 300 photographers and well over 5,000 media clients all over the world”
but from my experience, I know other agency (SIPA) that are respectfull wich is an important topic in the relationship between the photographer and editors. It is a matter of professional relationship,respect and trust.

by Marc Andre Pauze | 02 Mar 2007 17:03 (ed. Mar 2 2007) | Montreal, Canada | | Report spam→
As for internship I think it is current to be unpayed. Traditionally, it is like an apprentice system where you acquire competences by being in contact with “those who know”. I don’t know what are the value of these credit. Maybe they are credit for those who are on a journalism formation or degree. Being a teacher I know it is a good way of integrating the “know how”. But for that you have to be prepare to live on other income or saving.

by Marc Andre Pauze | 03 Mar 2007 03:03 | Montreal, Canada | | Report spam→
Wow. Quite a string here. First, of the 6 internships I have done, starting in college, 5 were unpaid. They pay your travel, let you shoot on occasion, and train you. If you need the experience and particularly if it is requirement for school, it is a great deal. If you need a job, get a job. If you need course credit or training, get an internship. It is unreasonable to expect a small agency to pay you while they train you.

Second, to Marc Andre’s point on communications. I just went to the WPN site and did a search for his images. Found none. So are you a contributor or not? You expect an agency that has hundreds of lazy stringers to communicate with all of them? They’d have no time left to communicate with the shooters that are active and trying to make a living through them.

The level of agency-bashing has really reached new heights, hasn’t it? Photographers expect agencies to bend over backwards, get them assignments, and peddle their product. But it sounds sort of one sided if the shooter isn’t exclusive with that agency.

I’m no finance guy, but it has to be expensive to store a million images and maintain a quality website (WPN’s looks pretty good, not to mention complicated, to me), not to mention people costs and rent. Seems to me we are all trying to make a living. Not really fair to think agencies aren’t in the same boat.

I won’t even get into the rudeness I encountered from other shooters – my supposed colleagues – when I was an intern. But it doesn’t surprise me that communications don’t always work. They are supposed to be courteous and professional both ways and speaking from experience, we are guilty too.

by Bill Johns | 13 Mar 2007 20:03 | New York, United States | | Report spam→

I don’t want to get in a debate here. All I said is that they said to be interested by my previous and coming projects, listed me on their contributor page without giving me the information to send images, then when I asked to know about sending images, BANG, nothing. More than 6 months later, my name was back on the site. Had some communication. Than again didn’t heard about them for a while.

But I admit that since last week, I was contacted about request in my archives, and I just received an email from them explaining their active and non-active contributor wich I understand and agree.

So to answer yur question as am I a contributor or not, I don’t really know what to tell you since It is exactly what I asked them.

As for your mention about “lazy stringer” I am not getting in that agressive exchange.


by Marc Andre Pauze | 13 Mar 2007 20:03 | Montreal, Canada | | Report spam→
And I must add that last week communication was courteous and on a base of good professional relationship.

by Marc Andre Pauze | 13 Mar 2007 20:03 | Montreal, Canada | | Report spam→
The lazy stringer comment wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. And, in hindsight, it wasn’t accurate. Most independent shooters who need to make a living shooting are anything but lazy. We are running all the time. We shoot on spec, shoot on assignment, and spend a lot of energy putting our images on as many different sites as will have them – big agencies, little agencies, agencies in different countries, websites selling CDs, micro-stock sites – you name it, we work hard to prove that cannibalism doesn’t hurt.

The only laziness, if that is the right word, is our apparent inability to work hard with a single agency to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

by Bill Johns | 13 Mar 2007 21:03 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
The fact that we are looking for an agency to represent our work even if we have worked with others is fair as long as we don’t get lost in jumping from agency to agency. To revalue the kind of association from time to time is good business like other management desicion agencies take themselve. A professional relationship rest on respect and authenticity, wich begin with ourself and our business partners.

Email is a fast communication device, but it is very easy to loose one in the many we receive each day.

by Marc Andre Pauze | 13 Mar 2007 21:03 | Montreal, Canada | | Report spam→
Having sent several emails to several people regarding some images I have long since sold elswhere I made the flippant comment above, I was in fact working quite hard to build a relationship but was quite frustrated at the lack of communication.
Since then I have received an explanation and apology for which I am grateful.

by John Wreford | 14 Mar 2007 08:03 | Damascus, Syria | | Report spam→
As opposed as some may have think, this string is no agency-bashing and I tink it is constructive point and comment. We work hard, and good relationship and communicatioin help to know espectation from all parts, wich is best for all.

by Marc Andre Pauze | 14 Mar 2007 12:03 | Montreal, Canada | | Report spam→
What The Duck today:

by Jan-Edward Dijkhuizen | 14 Mar 2007 12:03 (ed. Mar 14 2007) | Amsterdam, Netherlands | | Report spam→

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