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Yemenis Refuse Existence US Military Troops in Yemen

By: Almigdad Mojalli
SANA’A, July, 2- Few days ago, local media outlets stated that many USA marines troops landed recently in Al-Anad Air-Forces Base located in Lahj governorate to the south of the country and Al-Salef in Houdeida governorate. According to those outlets, the governmental authorities stated that the coming troops have come to Yemen according to counterterrorism collaboration agreement.
Whatever the reason is, Yemenis never accept the existence of any external military existence in their country even if the overall purpose is to help the country. The constant support of USA for Israel, the USA invasion to Iraq, the USA attempts to control oil locations in the middle east, the shortage of USA support to Arab countries particularly Yemen in comparison to other countries, the USA interventions in the internal issues of countries, and many other reasons are behind the refusal of Yemenis for any foreigner military existence particularly USA marines troops.
Most of the Yemeni people do not like and some of them hate Jews and Christians because of the historical Jewish-Muslims and Christian-Muslims religious conflict believing the none of either Christians or Jews will like to help or support Muslims under any circumstances. “No ..no it is known for all people that neither Jew has helped a Muslim, do not believe them,” said a 53, retailer Mohammed Al-Harazi.
Mohammed Najieeb and Abdulrahman Masoud, a secondary school students believe the bringing marines troops to Yemen even with small numbers is an alarming alert or a beginning for an invasion to the country, “this is the same game played with Pakistan and Iraq, they invaded Iraq looking for nuclear weapons and then it turned out that they were looking for oil.. and in Pakistan they claimed that they are fighting terrorists but then they turned out to be destroying the country, and this what will happen in Yemen,” explained Mohammed Najeeb.
The overwhelming majority of Yemenis hate USA due its constant support for Israel and being against Arab states along their conflict with Israel. “Absolutely, I never accept Americans or non-Americans to come to our country, it is as if we bring Israelis to the country and get them to our camps to know everything about our army and country…they do not do that for them only, it is mainly for Israelis,” stated Hussein Mothana, a teacher from Sana’a.
Rashad Al-Nehmi, 38, a sergeant in the army, does not believe that the USA marines troops will come to Yemen only for securing the country or helping the country in combating terrorism unless they have other purposes, “they want to know much more about the army including its personnel, weapons, kind of training they receive …etc,” he said.
Some Yemeni people refuse the existence of US marines troops even with small numbers because they believe that Al-Qaeda and counterterrorism is a USA game used to occupy the countries of oils, disfiguring Islam, and to have a pretext to put more pressure in the Arab and Muslim countries.
Abdulhamed Al-Shaibani, 42, a master degree student mentioned that Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda are just soldiers controlled and directed by the Americans and Israelis to destroy our countries, “otherwise, why these elements do not call for Jihad in Palestine which or fight the Americans on their lands…the coming of the marines troops is part of the game and the game played in Afghanistan will be played in Yemen,” he noted.
“Our government is sacrificing the country by allowing such troops to enter our army brigades; if our counterterrorism units need training and USA is really want to help us, they should receive officers from the counterterrorism units to be trained in USA on their account… this is if they really want to help us and they really care about us,” mentioned a retired major, Hussein Al-Hamdani.
As one of the most important reasons that make many people for any existence for US marines troops, and sometimes even companies, is the shortage of the US aids for Yemen. Many people stated that USA is one of the least countries supporting Yemen if compared to many Arabian and European countries.
“No..no, we do not need their help because they do not help us… I remember that when Hadramout was drowned by the flood in 2008 and many countries helped Yemen with USD$ millions, US helped Yemen with USD$50,000 which is nothing at all in comparison the aids of some countries…,” explained Ali Nasser Ahmed, 43,a schoolmaster in Sana’a governorate.
However, some liberals agreed on drone strikes targeting Al-Qaeda elements with their conservation on penetrating the USA drones for Yemeni atmosphere, “Al-Qaeda is an epidemic that damages everything and I think that it is right to ask for help from our friends to target Al-Qaeda to keep security …regardless of the purposes of USA,” said Mohammed Al-Mansouri, a freelance journalist.

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