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Dagbladet Information daily newspaper broadsheet 5 appearances
Dagbladet Magasinet Saturday magazine in a national daily newspaper Broadsheet 0 appearances
Dagens Naeringsliv Daily Tabloid 4 appearances
Dagens Nyheter daily newspaper 3 appearances
Dagens Nyheter Sunday 0 appearances
Daily Guideposts Positive Impact 1 appearances
Daily Kent Stater daily broadsheet 0 appearances
Daily Mail 3 appearances
Daily Mirror Daily Newspaper Tabloid 2 appearances
Daily News & Analysis (DNA) Daily newspaper Broadsheet 1 appearances
Daily News Egypt Daily Newspaper Broadsheet 1 appearances
Daily News Record daily newspaper broadsheet 0 appearances
Daily Record Daily Newspaper Broadsheet 1 appearances
Daily Star Daily Newspaper Broadsheet 2 appearances
Daily Telegraph daily newspaper broadsheet 11 appearances
Daily Trojan Daily Newspaper College Daily 0 appearances
Dallas Morning News Daily Newspaper 2 appearances
Dallas Morning News Daily Newspaper 2 appearances
Dance Magazine Monthly Magazine 0 appearances
Dan Dobek, The Return Proctor'S Theater CD Music Cover 1 appearances
Danwei Weblog Online 1 appearances
Das Magazin weekly magazine magazine supplement 4 appearances
Datum Monthly political magazine 30 appearances
Dawn Newspaper Daily newspaper newspaper 4 appearances
Daylife internet portal xxx 1 appearances
Daylight Magazine 2 appearances
Days Japan Magazine monthly broadsheet 0 appearances
Dazed and Confused 2 appearances
Dcnews daily newspaper online 0 appearances
D Della Repubblica 5 appearances

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