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Editora Photos

In November of 1998 it circulated for the first time an edition of the Photos magazine. The new publication, focada in the market of the photograph, appeared of the initiative of the entrepreneur Jose Facusse and had for objective to give “turbinada” in the branch business-oriented which the idealizer if dedicated. Facusse saw in the new publishing product a form to expand its businesses, to the step that took to the photographic market a vehicle capable to give breath to it. Together with the creation of the magazine, also appeared the Photos Publishing company, stamp that incumbency had to produce and to edit the magazine. Passed seven years of the launching of the product, the Photos & Imagens quickly galgou the platform of leader in its segment and currently it keeps its rank to the cost of a responsible and independent publishing line, focada in the excellent subjects and of interest of the photographic market, supported in the quality of the texts and the modern roupagem of the pages. The magazine has national circulation e, usually, circulates 30 a thousand units to each edition, being able to exceed this mark in circumstances special. During all this period, the Photos Publishing company remained itself as a “publishing company of a heading alone”. However, in sight of the excellent acceptance of its product, the publishing company decides to diversify and launched in the end of the 2004, book Adobe Photoshop for Photographers, Designers and Digital Operadores, whom the new moment marks where the publication of headings technician comes to strengthen the developed work already with the Photos & Imagens, that is, to make possible to the consuming access the exclusive content and information of quality. After the success reached for the first book, the Photos Publishing company decides to invest in the book market, with three new launchings in 2005: Digital photograph without Mysteries, Photographing Viagens and Santiago de Compostela - Trip to the Directions, beyond betting in the launching of a new magazine, the Photo Magazine, bimonthly publication with what it has of better in the Brazilian photograph.

Location Balneário Camboriú
URL http://www.editoraphotos.com.br/editora.asp

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