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Fotografia Contemporânea Paraense

“Photograph Paraense Contemporary - Panorama 80/90” is a project of historical research and critical analysis on the photographic production in Pará throughout the decades of 80 and 90, with guardianship of Rosely Nakagawa and research of Rubens Fernandes Junior and Patrick Pardini. The project dedicates the author photograph to it and encloses photographers whose works possess authentic a poetical passage, thus forming a set of images, in which if it can perceive a proper diversity of languages and styles. The project considers the critical reflection of the paraense photographic production of those 20 years, inside of the context of the visual art contemporary, and its diffusion through activities as expositions, creation of quantity, book production, CD-ROM and educative material. The book presents the workmanship of 34 photographers and consists of 136 critical images (four of each author), four texts and a chronology that detaches the main events and expositions in Brazil and Pará in the period of 1980 the 2002. The CD-ROM shelters the summary of the texts of the publication and presents a bigger amount of images. They are around 15 images of each photographer, offering to the reader/spectator a bigger dimension of the trajectory of the photographer. The exposition is divided in two blocks: “Photograph Paraense Contemporary - Panorama 80/90”, composed of workmanships of 26 operating photographers throughout the two decades. This collective one becomes the first quantity of photograph contemporary of the state of Pará, Brazil. “Photograph Contemporary Paraense - Gratuliano Bibas and Years 90”, collective composed of with seven photographers appeared in years 90 and individual of Gratuliano Bibas (1917-1997), paraense representative of the call modern photograph, stimulated and organized for fotoclubes in the decades of 50 and 60 in Brazil. The environment of fotoclubes allowed to quarrels on art and experimentalismo in the photograph. The presence of Gratuliano Bibas in the project if must to a necessary bridge between the modern and the contemporary, for the analysis of the production of the authors in last the 20 years in Pará. The research on Gratuliano Bibas as well as the guardianship of its exposition had been carried through by Orlando Maneschy. The project also considers an educative action from the production of specific material for the work with educational schools and other institutions. They are pedagogical medias as educative plates, the Notebook of the Professor and encartes on the language and the history of the photograph, contextualizando the production of Pará in the period of 1980 the 2002. The plates present images with brief commentaries to stimulate the perception of the pupil and to serve as tool for interpretation of the photographic image.

Location Belém
URL http://www.fotoparaense80-90.pa.gov.br/

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