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Ricardo Arduengo

Ricardo Arduengo

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Profession: Fotografo
Location: Port Au Prince , Haiti ( PAP )
Home base: San Juan, PR
URL: http://www.ricardoarduengo.com
URL: http://www.endi.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Mobile email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: english, spanish
Organization: Freelance
AIM/iChat: rarduengo
MSN Messenger: rik0773@hotmail.com
Yahoo! Messenger: ricky_arduengo@yahoo.com
Skype: Rarduengo rarduengo
Mobile phone (while in Port-au-Prince): 011-3491-8578
Blood type: O+
Last login: 6 months ago
Member since: 20 Jul 2006 17:07


Ricardo Arduengo or “Ricky” as his friends call him, started out differently than most photographers. He always had a camera, but his passion for music and sound was actually what started out a road that would eventually lead to photography. Ricardo’s parents had a singing group, and they needed a drummer. There was Ricky. Without any formal education in music, he learned to play the drums and the guitar. When his parents needed him to provide the sound for the group, there he was. These experiences lead him to apply for a job as a sound technician in a local radio station. He then worked in various stations and decided that he had found something interesting to do. He decided to reach further and landed a job in Telemundo, one of the major television stations in Puerto Rico as a sound technician. He then found editing, and worked his way into Telemundo/NBC Puerto Rico editing studios. Although working with other people’s images was exciting enough, he found that he would prefer to be behind the camera. Determination got him a job as studio cameraman, and his professional manner and talent soon took him on location for varios television shows for the channel and later to the Telemundo/NBC Newscast where he spent the next seven years as a videojournalist. In those seven years of covering everything from fashion to the latest breaking news, Ricardo developed an eye for capturing striking images.

He felt, however, that his creativity with the video camera was not always understood, and that his ideas for great shoots and news stories were not always taken into account. He felt at that time that there was more he could do, and feeling “stuck” in videojournalist, he found solace in photography. As each day passed, his camera invaded his mind and took over. Some of his photographs landed in “Claridad,” a local newspaper, and the photo editor took notice. Under her wing and guidance, he had the confidence to not only freelance for Claridad, but also for the Associated Press, as well as local newspapers, magazines, and even private events. His imagination took flight, his camera drew him closer and closer until he finally he gave into it. He left Telemundo’s newscast and ventured to Orlando, Florida to work in an “up and coming” Spanish newspaper “El Nuevo Día Orlando”. Ricardo finally had an outlet, and in the area that he loved, the printed “news.” In Orlando, he dealt with all kinds of “breaking news” as well as a variety of sports events (which are his second favorite after the “breaking news”). From Nascar Daytona 500 events to Major League Baseball and PGA Golf tournaments, he covered it all. Nonetheless, to follow his dream in Orlando, he paid a high price, leaving his wife and one year old son in Puerto Rico. Even though they had all planned to move in Orlando, things didn’t turn out as smoothly as they figured. When daily phone calls didn’t “cut it” anymore, he decided to apply for a job in Puerto Rico to return to his family.

Having made a name for himself back home, he quickly landed a job in the “Vocero,” one of the well known daily newspapers in Puerto Rico. He currently covers sports, fashion, “breaking news,” social and political events, and anything else that may be happening in the country. Whether its spending weeks under the threat of pepper spray in Vieques covering the NAVY’s bombing exercises, or in the midst of a police operative; in the midst of a baseball game or at the height of excitement in a music concert, Ricardo is there actively and obsessively looking for the perfect shot.




Recent Post

Photo expo in Puerto Rico to raise funds for Haitian orphans.

Auxiliaris, Inc., a nonprofit entity, and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (MAC) convened a press conference next Wednesday, February 24th at 10:00am at the headquarters of the Museum, located in the Historic Building Rafael M. de Labra, Ponce de Leon Avenue street corner Robert H. Todd, Stop 18 in Santurce.

This conference will offer details about the project “Auxiliaris for
Haiti,” which includes an exhibition of photographers Andres Leighton,
Alvin J. Baez, Frank Elias, Jose Jimenez-Tirado, Ramon “Tonito” Zayas,
Ricardo Arduengo and Xavier Araújo Berrios, who traveled to Haiti to document their situation after the earthquake of January 12. So, too, will be
offered details of other coordinated efforts auxiliaris and MAC for the purpose of collecting funds and material goods in order to help several orphanages in the neighboring country.

Photographers Ricardo Arduengo (Associated Press), Alvin J Baez (El Vocero), Frank Elias, Jose Jimenez Tirado (Auxiliaris), Ramon Zayas Tonito (El Nuevo Dia), Andres Leighton (Associated Press) and Xavier Araujo (El Nuevo Dia) recently traveled to Haiti to document the events of 12 January 2010. Some to their respective papers, or for an international agency or for conviction. Everyone agrees the need to continue contributing in rebuilding the country but even more prevalent there is a need to support the work of dozens of orphanages are overwhelmed by so much need.

For this reason we invite you to join this initiative by attending the photo exhibition “Auxiliaris for Haiti”. The same will be presented at the Museum
of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico from 25 February to 11 March 2010. The end of the show will raise money for several orphanages in Haiti and Puerto Rico continue raising awareness on the fact that the sister republic of Haiti will need our hands for years to come.

We look forward to your support and once again demonstrate the value of photography as a communication mechanism for the benefit of mankind.

Where: Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico
When: February 25 to March 11, 2010
Donation: $ 25

Address Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico:
Historic Building Rafael M. de Labra Juan Ponce de Leon Ave, corner Ave Roberto H. Todd Stop 18, Santurce, Puerto Rico.

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