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Photography or Photojournalism

Having recently finished my undergrad I have a question I’d like to hear your opinions on. I started a post a couple months back on getting into documentary/conflict photography and got a lot of great and helpful responses.

I have a scholarship that I can apply to most any accredited university in the U.S. an many abroad for 2.5-3 years of study. Given that I have this scholarship I think I would benefit greatly from time to focus on photography given that I have very little background in the subject. My question is this: Given the chance would you go into a photography or photojournalism program? Is the photojournalism program going to be more focused on people with some background in photography and focus on journalism? Assuming I have little to no background in photography, which one would benefit me more?

I know there is no single way anyone gets into this line of work and I also am aware it’s not the easiest to make a living in. I’m not really considering using my scholarship money on this to gain “connections” for future job prospects as from what I understand it’s not your degree people ask for but your portfolio.

Thanks again for the help!

08 Jul 2013 15:07 | 6 replies

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