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Robert Goddyn

Robert Goddyn

Travel History

Profession: Photographer
Location: The Hague , Netherlands
Home base: The Hague, Netherlands
URL: http://www.robertgoddyn.com
URL: http://www.upaphoto.com
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Organization: Freelance
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Robert Goddyn born in The Hague on May 13, 1956 is a freelance photographer / photojournalist with a digital archive of 45,000 photos: This photo stock agency is UPA Photo.
He is self-taught in photography and has made many wanderings through the world in order to experience photographing during various civil wars and hotspots worldwide.
He is a photographer with great passion for his work and has the talent to teach fellow photographers and learn them the tricks of the trade , as one of his pupils Cris Toala Olivares recently received the Silver Camera award for a picture, while in a short time he learned the trade of Robert Goddyn.

In recent years articles have appeared in Robert amongst others: Elsevier, which outlined a striking portrait of his character and his foreign travel.
His talent for photography but also to inspire and educate people on his great passion, for example, has led to Calumet receiving him in the future for readings.

Robert Goddyn is a freelance documentary photographer / photojournalist who instead of four years training at the MTS of Photography, began as an autodidact in photography. Robert started in 1988/1989 as a photographer and he is now 22 years busy. He has bought his cameras and went on his way into the world to learn photography. After particularly having traveled around in Latin America, he decided that he wanted his story told in pictures as a photographer. He had in the meantime, discovered that he is dyslexic and because images haveno language barrier, it  has been ideal for him to take pictures and tell his story in images. 

He then pulled four years through the world and for different wire-agencies worked locally as a stringer for AP, Reuters, AFP, EPA, etc. He calls himself not a war photographer, but rather a “conflict photographer”. Then he started working more in Europe, traveling being a valuable story. He has tried to combine photography with clients in the Netherlands and then worked for small local magazines, under the name Robert Goddyn Photography. By work on the wire agencies and the experience gained there, he came upon the idea of a private office with its own archive to set up and UPA Photo was born. Internationally oriented, the whole database is in English, because the Netherlands is just too small for the problems he photographs. He has attempted to found collective-photographers to set up multiple photographers with their own archives, United Photographers Archive, UPA.

UPA Photo became an independent image bank and with Robert Goddyn became an independent right photographer. In the meantime, he continued to travel the world and conflicts to capture these pictures he delivered to international magazines such as Le Monde, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Elsevier (this was the 1994 interview about war photography by James Nachtwey, Tim Page & Robert Goddyn).“It does not matter if someone shoots, but why somebody shoots” and that is what he, if possible, will show with his pictures. Today he still works here in the Netherlands with photo assignments, and so he can continue to photograph conflicts during his travels abroad, he has recently been to France, Greece and the Italian island of Lampedusa to photograph illegal immigrants for his latest book.

In late January / early February 2011, Robert Goddyn has been photographing in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. The cover of the good atmosphere between the peaceful anti-Mubarak demonstrators on Wednesday February 2, 2011 who were unexpectedly attacked by pro-Mubarak thugs is still fresh in his memory. The Hague photographer was there amidst the riots and has been detained 24 hours. In Cairo Goddyn was being told to delete photos after the arrest, but luckily he had his back up yet. Within those 24 hours, the photographer being arrested twice, the second time just after he was released. He was on Thursday, February 3, 2011 pulled from a taxi by soldiers and tied with tie wraps. The Western press has been a target of Mubarak supporters and for a time would he have to wait at a police station, then was Goddyn with forty others transported to barracks. Tied up and blindfolded. The photographer saw under his blindfold a glimps of the Egyptian detainees being tortured and beaten. After hours of detention he was released, having lost an iPhone and his passport , but luckily he still had his cameras worth 17,000 Euros. That Friday afternoon, February 4, 2011 at 15:30 hours he was delivered to the Dutch Embassy in Cairo, a free man. There he had a peanut butter sandwich and a temporary passport provided by the Embassy to return home. Under the guidance of staff of the Embassy Saturday, February 5, 2011, he transferred to the airport and returned safely in the Netherlands.
Not scared of this intimidation Robert Goddyn left for a new trip the next week, for a photo report on the Italian island of Lampedusa to shoot the stop of the illegal immigrants / refugees from Tunisia. To be continued:) …

The archive now contains 40,000 photos, is in English and there are now three digital books can be seen on his website www.robertgoddyn.com, namely: 20 Years of Photography, World Portraits, Illegal Immigrants in Europe. Quote: “The only truth in photojournalism is the one in which the involvement continues” 1993 Gieles Peres / Magnum.


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