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Profession: Photographer
Location: Sacramento , United States
Home base: Sacramento
URL: http://www.robertscottphotographer.com
URL: http://www.robertscottphotography.com
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Organization: Robert Scott Photography
Mobile phone: 916-622-2467
Work phone 916-349-9032
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Photos of suffering children

Perhaps I should make myself more clear since the majority of the replies I received were rather accusatory. Just as a photographer would photograph the atrocities of suffering children (or any other atrocities for that matter) to call the rest of the world to action to help the children, so I am creating a painting to do just that. Just as all the non profits and NGO’s use images of the children to help bring awareness to the plight of their specific AOR so I am wanting to kick people out of their complacency and comfort and call them to action with this painting. Like I said the painting is spiritual in nature, not satanic. Yeah, it may have a little shock value but that is one of the problems of America media as all of you should be well aware. American media doesn’t like to show this stuff because it’s yucky and o my goodness if we make people feel uncomfortable with the realities of the world. O my goodness if we actually call people away from their wine, and movies, and chic resaurants to spend those dollars to help someone less fortunate. Shall we say shame on Sebestiao Salgado for photographing all the atrocities he has and posted them in galleries, museums and books calling it art. Oh lets forget about the awareness he has briught to these situations and the dollars he has brought in for the organizations who help. He’s simply a sick man, uh? Wake up people.

29 Mar 2007 01:03 | 3 replies


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