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Rodrigo Llano

Rodrigo Llano

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Profession: Cinematographer/stills
Status: Cinematographer
Location: Belo Horizonte , Brazil ( CNF )
Home base: Brazil
URL: http://www.anonimaprod.com
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Languages spoken: Espanol, English, Portuguese
Organization: anonimaprod.com
Journal: http://www.anonimaprod.com
AIM/iChat: llanomail
Skype: Llanomail llanomail
Mobile phone: +55.31.8756.1911
Work phone +(56) 9.8441.8252
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Rodrigo Llano is a Chilean cinematographer and visual artist based in Latin America. He has worked on Chilean and international film projects, including the Kurt Vonnegut documentary "Man Without a Country.” He also keeps a dedicated still photography practice to compliment his work in film, and his photographs have been published with The Virginia Quarterly Review. He’s currently teaching HD and Cinematography workshops in Bolivia and Brazil, and is at work on a feature film about immigration. He dedicates much of his free time to a long-term artistic project examining light and imagery throughout Latin America.

In 1995, Rodrigo received his Social Communication and Journalism degree from the Universidad Catolica del Norte in Chile.

Four years later, he received a cinematography degree from the Escuela de Cine de Chile.
In the last years he has taken several courses and seminars at the Maine Photographic Workshops, IATSE Local 600, VII Agency and others.

In July 2004, he received the FONDART scholarship from the Chilean Ministry of Culture to study High Definition Television, as a way to introduce this technology to his country.



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PHOTOTECHNICA bad experience

Hi everyone..

just to tell my really bad experience processing my b&w work in a “good” reputation lab in NY.
LAst winter i went to NYC to shot a documentary feature and decide to get all my b&w negatives (ilford hp5, delta 100 and pan f plus with me to be develop on a good quality lab in this city.. after some questions I decide trust on BRIAN YOUNG with his lab PHOTOTECHNICA.
I give him plenty of time to do the job, around a couple of weeks, because I was full schedule and was not in NYC in that time.. After back to the city, and one day before the dead line, I’d call Brian to asking about my rolls.. The first reaction was to tell me that he didn’t do the job by the time, but if I call again the day after he could have all done.
I called the next day, but by my surprise he asking me if my light meter was working bad, because some rolls was underexposed.
Long story short, when I went to his lab in Long Island City and I’d check my negatives, all the PAN F PLUS, had almost no images on them, no because an underexposed frames, but because under develop rolls.. The control strips in the negatives have almost no density.. He couldn’t give any reason . but I assume that he in the rush, put all the rolls in the same can and develop with the same time..

Nothing to do .. nothing in my negatives… NO reputation, no ICP teaching experience, no laboratory apparent quality matters..

Brian Young from PHOTOTECHNICA, put in the trash can the work of 6 months ..

After that, He told me that the only thing to do is share the cost of develop.. the bad ones.. nothing else.. I paid.. and leave the place.. I’m still trying to remember the frames that I’d shot..


05 Aug 2008 16:08 | 11 replies

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