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Rose Marie Cromwell

Rose Marie Cromwell
Profession: Documentary Photographer
Location: Panama City , Panama
Home base: Panama City, Panama
URL: http://www.RoseCromwell.com
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Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Journal: http://rosecromwell.livejournal.com
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Rose Marie Cromwell, 24, began taking pictures at age 12 in her hometown Seattle, Washington. At age 18 she moved to Baltimore, Maryland to pursue a bachelor’s degree in photography and a minor in anthropology. While attending the Maryland Institute College of Art, she began to use photography as a means to interact and document selected communities. Upon graduation Cromwell received the Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship, which is awarded by the College’s photography professors to one graduating senior. With this grant she traveled to Cuba and created a body of work of intimate portraits of Cubans in their homes. This body of work will appear in the book, “25 under 25: Up and Coming American Photographers”, to be published by Duke University in collaboration with PowerHouse books in early 2008. Last fall Cromwell embarked to Panama City, Panama as a United States Fulbright Scholar and spent the year working on a project of environmental portraits of people from the Afro-Antillean community which culminated with a show at the Diablo Rosso Gallery in downtown Panama City, with great reception. At present she recently returned from a month in rural Guatemala where, in collaboration with anthropologist, Anne Kramer, she began the photographic and narrative project “Dreams of Chocola”.
Since beginning her work as a professionaldocumentary photographer, Cromwell has traveled and worked in many different regions of the world, with a range of diverse peoples, including the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean. Her work has been included in various anthropological journals and books, as well as being positively reviewed by international art critics. As well as documentary photography, Cromwell has also worked in commercial and fashion photography, web design, and is currently working well as a master darkroom printer for the renowned Panamanian photographer Sandra Eleta. Cromwell resides in Panama City, Panama.




Recent Post

"Sentimiento Afro-Antillano" Imagenes de un Cultura en Panama


“An Afro-Antillean Sentiment: Images from a Panamanian Culture” an exhibition of photographs by Rose Marie Cromwell will be shown at the Diablo Rosso gallery from October 24th to November 25th. Cromwell, a documentary photographer, spent the last year in Panama as a United States Fulbright Grantee. She interviewed and photographed Panamanians of Afro-Antillean descent living in Panama City, Colon, and Bocas del Toro.
During the early 20th Century tens of thousands of workers emigrated from the Caribbean to build the Panama Canal. Most never returned to their homelands, but instead settled permanently in Panama. Throughout the past 100 years this Panamanian community has preserved many of their Caribbean traditions despite facing much adversity while cultivating their national identity. Cromwell’s portraits tell the stories and personal anecdotes of Afro-Antillean Panamanians, while exploring themes such as memory, nostalgia, cultural identity and pride.
The opening celebration of the exhibition will take place at 7pm, Wednesday the 24th at the Diablo Rosso Gallery, Calle 48, Bella Vista, Panama City. Phone: 399.8825


“Sentimiento Afro-Antillano: Imágenes de una Cultura en Panamá” una exhibición de fotografías por Rose Marie Cromwell se estará exponiendo en la galería Diablo Rosso desde el 24 de Octubre hasta el 25 de Noviembre. Cromwell, una fotógrafa documental, estuvo el año pasado en Panamá como una becaría Fulbright. Ella entrevistó y fotografió Panameños de descendencia Afro-Antillana viviendo en Panamá, Colon y Bocas del Toro.
Durante la primera parte del Siglo XX, decenas de miles de trabajadores emigraron desde el caribe para construir el Canal de Panamá. Muchos nunca regresaron a sus países de origen, en vez, se establecieron permanentemente en Panamá. A través de los últimos cien años esta comunidad ha preservado mucho de su cultura y costumbres a pesar de tener que enfrentarse a fuertes adversidades mientras cultivaban su identidad nacional. Las imágenes en las fotografías cuentan las anécdotas personales de la gente Afro Antillana mientras exploran temas como la memoria, nostalgia, fuerza, identidad, y orgullo.
El cóctel inaugural de la exhibición se llevara acabo el miércoles 24 de Octubre a las 7 de la noche en la galería Diablo Rosso, calle 48, Bella Vista. Tel.: 399.8825

Rose Cromwell
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