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Ruben MB

Ruben MB
Profession: Photog.teacher/Photog.
Status: R MB
Location: Madrid , Spain ( MAD )
Home base: Madrid
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: Spanish,English,Francais(both medium)
Organization: free lance
Last login: about 1 month ago
Member since: 14 Mar 2009 19:03


Interested in anthropological, ritual, religious and ethnical photography.



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Cristina Garcia Rodero member of Magnum

Cristina Garcia Rodero is now a full member of Magnum. See your wonderful pictures. I think now is time to look again whit new eyes the Photography. Where it goes? we only see war photography… years ago a man says- in Sarajevo- it´s hard to see the photographers waiting in the sniper avenue trying to get the picture of me shooted by a sniper….or “famine” pictures of the deprived of the world (better children with big eyes) and everybody says “…i´m witness”..the actual overdose of this make us insensitive. I like to see pictures that show the feelings of the people, how they enjoy, how they believe in God,Ala, Voudou or santería, but always trying to surpasse our material life. To me these are the classical pictures, you see the picture but you don´t need to know the date when it was taken. Thanks to every photographer who shows the essential (as everybody knows is invisible for the eyes…but not for some cameras).I post this because to me it was a big day (and for Magnum!). What do you think?
(Sorry for my english)

01 Jul 2009 22:07 | 3 replies

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