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Sebastiaan Van de Heyning

Sebastiaan Van de Heyning
Profession: Filmmaker
Location: Belgrade , Serbia
Email: •••••••• (private)
Organization: Independant
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Member since: 15 Aug 2012 10:08


Why read a poem about the mountain If you can go to the mountain.
If you can’t go. Let the poem convince you to go there anyway.


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Hitchhiking from Belgium to Mongoliaand filming and offcourse film it

Traveldocumentary (Hitchhiking from Belgrado to Mongolia(

My name is Sebastiaan. I am from Belgium. I was filming my hitchiketrip to Irak with an ok amateurcamera. When I arrived in Belgrade I decided to start a new life. And become a professional independant traveling documentarymaker. I bought all the time in the world.I dropped out of college, called my supporting loved ones and bought a professional camera and equipment (sony PMW100, light tripod,extra battery’s and memory).
In a bar an Italian photographer told me about this site. It suites my purpose wonderfully!

My most likely travelroute from here on would be. Bulgaria-Turkey-Irak-Iran-Pakistan-India-China-Mongolia.
Offcourse I’m doing my research but I would be gratefull to recieve any traveladvice, technical advice, possible contacts, encouragement, realism…
Another thing, I am looking for a place to stay in Belgrade where I can get to learn the camera more and do some more voiceover writing and research. I’ll be staying for a while because I’m waiting for the proper vaccinations I need for India.

It will be nice to recieve some of your knowledge and wit!!!


Sebastiaan Van de Heyning

15 Aug 2012 14:08 | 1 replies

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Hitchhiking From Belgium To Mongoliaand Filming And Offco... by Sebastiaan Van de Heyning over 2 years ago by Andrew Wheeler
Traveldocumentary (Hitchhiking From Belgrado To Mongolia( by Sebastiaan Van de Heyning almost 3 years ago by Neal Jackson

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