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Seth Bourget

Seth Bourget
Location: Rio De Janeiro , Brazil
Home base: Rio de Janeiro
URL: http://www.cafesilencio.net
URL: http://thephotonevertaken.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: english,portuguese
Journal: http://www.theamazonbybus.com
Last login: about 3 years ago
Member since: 22 Jan 2007 23:01




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software to protect photos on the web

Given the difficulty photographers face in protecting their photos from unauthorized use on the Internet I got the idea for a way to better control photos appearing on websites. I wrote some software that I think goes a long way in giving us control over our images on the web.

I won’t take everyone’s time by going into great detail here but the end result is that instead of giving out the .jpg file to the client, the client gets a snippet of html and javascript code that they paste into the web page in order to display the image. This code snippet loads a small flash program that checks the validity of the license profile created with the software and if everything checks out, the image is loaded. Since the image is contained in a Flash applet it can’t be ‘right-clicked’ and saved by website visitors and redistributed who knows where. Also the license profile can be activated and deactivated at will so if you have a client that doesn’t pay on time you can just deactivate the license profile and the image will stop displaying on their website.

I’m in the final stages of development so I’m here to ask if some of my fellow lightstalkers have some time to test the software before I release it into the wild. I hope this is a tool that people will find useful.

For a more detailed explanation of the software’s features please visit the website:


Any feedback would be most appreciated. If you want to participate in the beta testing just go to the website and click he link to create a new account.

Best Regards,

18 Mar 2008 15:03 | 14 replies

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