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Shahriar Nouri

Shahriar Nouri

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Profession: Photographer
Location: Oslo , Norway
Home base: Oslo, Norway
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Languages spoken: English, Norwegian, Farsi.
MSN Messenger: msn@snouri.com
Mobile phone: +47 92234550
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23 year old photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Working mostly for norwegian daily Aftenposten.



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CALL FOR ACTION: Enter a journalistic goldmine.


We’ve got a global food shortage crisis, caused by a global energy shortage problem.
The worlds oil reservoirs are being drained, and fuel prices are rising at such a pace
that the need for alternative fuel sources are more in demand than ever.

And then we got this whole climate thing on top.

The main food source in South-America is corn, which has been picked out
as a bio-fuel crop. This is what triggered the food crisis, since the lack
of corn for food, caused a mass-import of Asian rice, which created a similar
food shortage in Asia, where the main food source is, yes, Rice.

And naturally, the food prices in general increase as both of these previously
undervalued commodities get less available.
This has now started to affect potato-crops in europe, and the next stop,
is grain, which will go global. Everyone eats bread. Preferably with lots of healthy fiber.

We’ll get back to that one.

Sometime during the 1920’s, there was this guy named Henry Ford. You might have heard of him.
Of course you have. You’re not a dumbshit. Are you? Neh, probobly not. But Henry seemed to be a tad smarter.
He had discovered a natural resource that he could use for just about anything he needed to supply his cars.
Vinyl for the interior, plastic for the exterior, and even non-polluting, high-octane, bio-diesel to fuel the
very first Diesel engine.

During the same time period, our good friends, Dupont, Rockefeller & Co, was in the process of
patenting their process of processing dead dinosaurs into gasoline.
Some of you might know these prehestoric corpes as “oil”.


They hit up Henry, wondering if not all of them could get rich, and rape the planet while doing it.
After all, Henry had more than enough wealth coming his way, having invented the car and all.
Then came all the other lovely goods that the oil would bring.
Plastic, one of the man-made commodities that would later become the biggest source of waste and garbage
known to man, was one of them.

What if there was a plant that could give us absolutely everything that oil gave us
(except rocket and aircraft fuel), without the hazards?
What if the plastic could become bio-degradable compost, instead of synthetic waste material?
What if there was a plant that could provide bio-diesel so potent that gasoline itself would be rendered useless?
What if the corn could stay as food, keeping on feeding South America, and thus keeping the rice in Asia?

Hemp is one of the most enviorment-adaptable plants on earth, and will grow under just about any
botanical enviorment. And unlike trees which need 30-60 years each, hemp can be cropped four times a year
and provides stronger fibers, and more potent bio-diesel than any other organic source.

What if America could grow it’s own energy in it’s own back yard? But where?
The American oil fields are practicly drained empty, which leaves a big geographical area
left more or less unused. These could be used as plantation fields.

Food for everyone, just like before? An end to pollution? What?

THC, the psychoactive compound produced by the female plant, is a result of photosynthesis, and it’s natural
function, is to work as a protective coating against uV-radiation. Just like pigmentation in human skin.
The more UV-radiation, the more potent THC, which is why the worlds finest outdoor grown Marijuana,
is grown on the world’s rooftop, on Mount Everest, in the Himalayas, Nepal.

But I am not going to advocate the medical benefits of THC here, never mind the fact that
it could improve the lives of patients with HIV, AIDS, cancer, authritis, anorexia, bulimia,
and render many of the chemically developed and patented psychiatric drugs useless.

If we were to grow industrial hemp on the worlds mountain-regions, UV-radiation would be absorbed
at the top, instead of hitting ground level and being reflected back up, and thus create
a man-made, yet natural Geo-thermostat. We could actually slow down global warming dramaticly by
simply planting seeds in the mountains. Consult your local botanist.

Hemp fiber plastic weighs about the same as glass-fiber, yet has ten times the shock resistance of steel.
How’s that for a fender / bumper / car-crash-safety-thing / whatever it’s called?

What’s this kid trying to imply? That the food crisis can be whistled off?

No, I’m saying it never had to occur in the first place. Neither did any of the Oil-wars.

If Hemp was to be industrialized allready during the 1920’s as Ford intended, oil and fossil fuels
would be rendered obsolete, allready before the patent was granted. Dont believe me?
Do the research yourself. I am sick and fucking tired of not being taken seriously because of my age.

The general public is completely oblivious to the industrial potential of this plant,
because the reason it was banned in the first place, is it’s industrial potential.
Paper, plastic, rope. Clothing, carpetry, hemp-brick… The list is virtually endless.

If industrialized, it would be an industrial atomic bomb, making everyone, especially the farmers, kaching-ching RRRRICH!
The only people who stand to lose a single dime off it, is the weapon and tobacco industry.
Now that we’ve grown as dependent on fossil fuels as we have, the oil industry would not be replaced,
but much rather supplied with a supplement so potent, that CO2 emissions would, bottom-rocket? Is that a word?

Well, anywho, bottom-rocketing is a suitable word, so I’ll use it. Excuse my youthful, playful grammar.

Cannabis Sativa, a gender-seperable plant. The female produces THC, the male does not.
Neither does it contain nicotine or any other addictive substances. At all. None.
Unlike tobacco, which is physically addictive, and which only industrial usage is pestisides.

Again, do the research yourselves. Norwegian mainstream media apparently dont have the ability
to identify a journalistic goldmine when they get it served on a silver platter.

Might be because we’re an oil and weapon based economy ourselves, I dont know. I’m just a bitter kid.

… so dear colleagues internationàle, let’s write history.
We might litterally save the planet in the process.

So. Who wants the 2009 Pulitzer? Go get it.

Sources to check:


Movies to watch:
Hemp for Victory (American Pro-hemp propaganda movie from WWII)
Reefer Madness (American anti-hemp propaganda movie from the 30’s)
Totally Baked – A Potumentary (watch it from a journalistic perspective)

Google keywords:

Industrial hemp
Henry Ford + Cannabis
Hemp bread
hemp seed oil
hemp fiber

On a (big) sidenote, also check out Iboga / Ibogaine. A spiffy little african root-plant, that actually
cures Heroin-addiction and alcoholism. Yes, cures. Unlike Methadone and Subutex, which are
the chemically, labratory developed, and, yes, patended, substitutes, which maintains addiction,
but moves the user on to the chemical, patented, alternative.

Outlaw nature, fuck the farmer over, then ship them guns to protect their banned crop.
unless it’s Opium. Then it’s OK to use it to create opiates like Paralgin Forte and Morphine.
The farm that grew the crop though, needs to be burned, and the farmer arrested.

Ah, the perfect recipe for financial succsess.

“The money’s not in the cure, it’s in the comeback. That’s how a drug dealer get’s paid.”

- Chris Rock.

..and yeah, I quote comedians. They tell the truth.

24 Jul 2008 13:07 | 4 replies

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