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Stratis Vogiatzis

Stratis Vogiatzis

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Profession: photographer
Location: Athens , Southern Sudan
Home base: Athens, Greece
URL: http:// www.stratisvogiatzis.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
MSN Messenger: stratosvoya
Skype: Stratosvoya stratosvoya
Mobile phone: +306936824914
Last login: 12 months ago
Member since: 14 Mar 2007 16:03


Freelance photographer, working on the Balkan region mainly in long-term projects.




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Recently I show a photo from a famous Greek photojournalist Kontos that won a prize and made me so angry. What the hell is finally a photojournalist?
Is he a journalist? Because if he is then the incentive that drives him to these war zones risking his life must be to inform the public, honestly, driven by humanistic concerns
and not personal ambitions to win competitions. Is he an artist? Because if he is doing art on dead bodies, seeking for Bresson’s harmony on the suffering of others then seriously
he should go to a doctor and not given to him prizes. How the hell you can make art when people are dying in front of your eyes???

In my opinion if you are really concerned and depressed from other people’s sufferings and you want to so sth about it then you go out there recording what’s going on with the simplest method of composition and not over estheticizing the subject, trying to get the best possible picture. Then
it is clear to me the your are driven there out of personal interest, ambition, adrenaline, motives in other words totally unethical that has nothing to do with the humanitarian causes that
a so- called photojournalist should serve. And sth else I am telling to these hot shot photojournalists- artists that no one significant photographer during history became significant because of the importance of the subject but on the contrary because of the unimportance of the subject, because he took images of ordinary people living an ordinary life..Please help me out with this confusion.. and i dont try to insult anyone i just try to understand

09 Apr 2008 16:04 | 1 replies


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