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Syed Mahfuz Ali

Syed Mahfuz Ali

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Profession: Photographer
Status: Photographer
Location: Gandaria, Dhaka , Bangladesh
Home base: Gandaria Dhaka
URL: http://www.blog.magnumphotos.com
URL: http://www.facebook.com
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Languages spoken: Bangla, English, hindi
Organization: Freelance
Journal: http://www.mahfuzphoto.bolgspot.com
MSN Messenger: mahfuz_ali@hotmail.com
Yahoo! Messenger: syedmahfuzali@yahoo.com
Skype: Syed syed.mahfuz.ali
Google Talk: mahfuzf4d@gmail.com
Mobile phone: 01711906372
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Syed Mahfuz Ali is a documentary photographer based in Dhaka,Bangladesh.
He got interested in photography and completed Graduation in photography and photojournalism from Pathshala- South Asian Institute of photography, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Mahfuz’s prime interest on social issue and human rights documentaries. He believes that people can get help by photography and know what happening around the world.
His photographs published in some local Newspapers.

Mahfuz working as a freelance photographer.


Syed Mahfuz Ali
Email: mahfuz_ali@hotmail.com



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Need Photo Assignments

Hai, my name is Syed Mahfuz Ali
I am a free lance photographer from Bangladesh.
If happen you need a photographer from Bangladesh to take picture about Bangladesh or travel accross the world, please let me know, I would be happy to do the job. You can see my portofolio at Lightstalkers.

05 May 2010 17:05 | 0 replies


from one saw in of dhaka photography by about him first homes as well as in the houses of their wives among the garos, after a mother s milk to a newborn to drink; others give honey the new mother is given turmeric water to drink most tribes build a thorny fence around the house to protect the mother and the newborn from evil spirits; ojhas or vaidyas put the house under a protective sp • ba & photojournalism year: 2008 pathshala (south asian institute photography) basic course on 2004 advance 2002 alliance frances de workshop  joint collaborative program between pathshala, bangladesh oslo university college, oslo, norway witold j krassowsky, poland developing personal project trent parke, australia portraits à people morten krogvold, photo-essay david h wells, usa photo-story mr michael rubenstein, caption writing chulie silva, sri lanka documentary norman leslie, current trends copy right rupert grey, uk publications: “sketch” the daily new nation star age ittayfaq information name: syed mahfuz ali date birth: 27/01/1978 e-mail- mahfuz_ali@hotmailcom address: 150distilary road gandaria, dhaka-1204, bangladesh¬ cell +8801711906372 is photographer based dhaka,bangladesh he got interested and completed graduation pathshala- south photography, dhaka, mahfuz’s prime interest social issue human rights documentaries believes that can get help know what happening around world his photographs published some local newspapers working as freelance force identity bangladesh's tribal population consists 1 million people, just fewer than percent total they live primarily chittagong hills regions mymensingh, sylhet, rajshahi majority (778,425) rural settings, where many practice shifting cultivation there are groups tribes such chakma, garo, mro, shawtal, khasia few others mro lifestyle extremely fascinating charming elements primitiveness strongly displayed their rites, rituals everyday life inhabitants hill tracts mostly self-reliant, grow own food, girls weave clothes simple have dialect, distinctive dress rites them buddhists rest hindus, christians animists women-folk more hardworking males main productive generally peace loving, honest hospitable usually greet tourist with smile my indigenous people’s specially murong, tribe matriarchal tribes, men do not inherit property neglected motherss death, daughters bear any responsibility for father however, among khasias, must fulfill chief santals called raja, while khasias call mantri or minister almost all condemn adultery if couple has pre-marital sex it obligatory to marry each other oraons give goat milk mothers ear lobes pricked immediately after birth garos avoid giving baby an attractive name order evil eye fifth day its week birth, oraon child given keeping names forefathers pigs, dogs cocks favourite pets take great care cows at festivals wash then rub oil following dark moon, paint courtyard rice paste, burn incense cowsheds, farm implements, put vermilion good luck justification: please specify why you think this photo deserves be included competition which country citizen? question asking every bangladeshi citizen but cannot tell anything because our headache tells ordinary vip citizens always want something (so tribal)second “what history came country?” third “who bring tribal’s bangladesh?” we was two fighting government groups/ organization hand nongovernment organization, so say ngo still try

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