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Vasilyeva Ekaterina

Vasilyeva Ekaterina
Profession: Free Photographer
Location: St.Petersburg , Russia
Home base: St.Petersburg, Russia
Email: •••••••• (private)
Mobile email: •••••••• (private)
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Mobile phone: 8 911 224 14 42
Last login: almost 4 years ago
Member since: 26 Aug 2010 09:08


Contact: vaskatia@gmail.com, 8911224 14 42

Photographic Education:
- (Photoskill Academy: a course Photojournalism of Anatoly Maltsev)2009-2010,
- (The city environment – Alexander Petrosyan’s course) 2010,
- “Fundamentals of the studio shooting” in photography schools “Friday.”
- (2010-2012 – Faculty of Photojournalism in the name of UA Galperin. Curator Tatiana Plotnikova)

Higher Education:(Saint Petersburg University of Culture and Arts)
Additional Education: University of St. Petersburg – a guide to St. Petersburg and the teacher of history and culture of the city

online learning “Objective reality” http://edu.objectivereality.org/ru/users/participants/?l=VasKatia

Author photo agency GEOFOTO Moscow
Cooperate with the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg
Cooperate with the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg)
Cooperate with a Dramatic Theatre of St. Petersburg improvisation and theater ODDDANCE (collaborate with theaters)
Cooperate with a web portal www.modorama.ru
Cooperate with fashion designer

International Photo Contest Winner The Professional Photographer Awards 2010, which carried out the magazine «Professional Photographer» in the category “Student of the Year”

participation in the project “Mirror”. Canada 01.01.2011-31.12.2011 http://photozak.webs.com/projetzerkalo.htm

14.08 – 31.08.2011 – solo exhibition, series, “I am mirror”, Small hall Manege, Griboedov channel 103

20.07 – 23.07.2011 – group exhibition “Young photographers Russia 2011” Kazan, a series of “village Andryushin” and “On the bread. Konevets”

3.06 – 02.07.2011 – Group exhibition of the series “Praga.Dva Colors” in Prague’s Center for Science and Culture of Russia, theme: “Contemporary Photographs of students in Prague,” Czech Republic, Prague

20.12 – 15.02.2011 – solo exhibition, series, “Prague. The two colors in the picture” Rabfak "Sq. Stachek 5. Photocentre

15.12-15.01.2011-group exhibition series “The image of the book” The Foundation “St. Petersburg Photo Workshops” The White Hall Library. Lermontov, theme: “The book as a visual image of the” St. Petersburg, Foundry Prospect, 19.

12.07 – 20.08.10 – solo exhibition, series “Frame from a movie” in the gallery of black and white photography
coffee “Black & White” www.blackwhite.ru St. Petersburg, VO, Line 6, 25

10.09 – 10.02.10 – Group exhibition series “Facets of femininity,” St. Petersburg fotovernisazh theme: Fashion CMC Hall, Isaac pl.1

Publication in the journal:
Photo & Video № 8, 2010, photo and video number in October 2010, «Professional Photographer» № January 2011

Canon 50 D, Sigma 2,8 18-50, Sigma 4-5,6 50-200, Canon 1,8 50, Sigma 530 flash
vaskatia@gmail.com, 8911224 14 42



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