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Vilan Phetrasy

Vilan Phetrasy

Travel History

Profession: Fixer/Translator/Guide/Hi
Status: the best and most brillient
Location: Xiengkhouang , Laos
Home base: Vientaine and Bangkok
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Languages spoken: english chinese laos thai arabic
Organization: Free lance and Sousath travel
Journal: http://www.benhills.com/articles/articles/TRV20a.html
MSN Messenger: phetdesa666
Yahoo! Messenger: vphetrasy
Skype: Milan milan.phetrasy
Google Talk: vphetrasy
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I live and work in Laos/Thailand as a translator, guide, and fixer.  I have worked extensivley and have contacts in all of the provinces.  I am fluent in English and read and write English.  I am fluent in Lao, Thai, and have a good understanding of many of the local tribal languages.  I also speak some Japanese and Chinese.  I have worked with many correspondents and journalists from around the world and understand their needs.  I specialize in the secret war and the Plain of Jars. and the south of laos. Wildlife and environmental conservation is also my specialty. i organize boats and private 4wd out to customers in laos and thailand.

My connections are huge since my grand father is Soth Phetrasy, (1915 – 2004), was a leading official of the Pathet Lao, the communist guerilla movement of Laos associated with the Lao People’s Party, during the 1960s and 1970s. Soth Phetrasy was born in 1915. Phetrasy was an important figure to the Pathet Lao (Land of Lao) as he became spokesman for them in Vientiane from 1964. He became increasingly known as he tried to negotiate POW’s between the United States and also matters such as Eugene DeBruin, and as diplomat of the Pathet Lao preparing the 1973 Vientiane Agreement.



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Vilan Phetrasy. Scrap Magazine , pp. pg 66-74, Jan 2006. The Metal Hunters Scrap Magazine , pp. pg 66-74. Jan 2006.
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fixer in laos

iam a professional fixer based in laos. i go from time to time to bangkok to report on the red/government wars in thailand. if u want to survey or get a good lao story on any thing please contact me for my services.

31 May 2010 18:05 | 0 replies

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