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Zeina Azouqa Bilgili

Zeina Azouqa Bilgili

Travel History

Profession: G. Des. / Illustration
Status: www.zazuka.com
Location: Amman , Jordan ( AMM )
Home base: Nuremberg
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: Arabic, English, French, Turkish, German
Organization: Freelance
Last login: over 4 years ago
Member since: 08 Jul 2007 09:07


“Growth is not linear”

Growth happens in all directions, and the deeper one delves into knowledge the more interconnections one sees, all leading to the common origin.

I like to hang out on the Design branch but I make frequent trips to the Art and Symbolism roots and sometimes I’ll go to a different tree for a change of scenery :)

Photography is documentation, is reporting, is composition, is art.


“His pictures don't just capture a moment and suspend it in time. They move you with their vibrancy.”— Zeina Azouqa Bilgili , Sep 11 2007


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