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Film Leica

In many ways the concerns of a film user are different from those of a digital user, and those of a Leica user are even more specific. Since many people appear to prefer Leica rangefinders for their film work, I set this group up as somewhere we can help each other out.

Need a good Leica technician in Bucharest? Or good film stock in Colombia? How do you fix a jammed M6 with a Swiss Army knife? Someone might know.

The group is intended for people who use their camera as a tool, not for collectors. And we want to hear about your projects.

Membership is open to anyone.

Recent Posts

35 1.4 voigtlander how good
04/21/09 | Hernan Zenteno
Hello. Anyone have experience with the 35 1.4 voigtlander? I am thinking begin to save some money to upgrade my 35 2.5 for a summicron or the 1.4 voigtlander. Since the last include is more cheap a... Read more

dead threads
04/15/11 | Joel Sackett
Nobody has posted here for a couple of years. Anybody still using film Leicas for work? Is it really over or just dormant around here? Read more

Leica M2 US Army Maintenance Manual
10/26/07 | Daniel Legendre
Leica M2 US Army Maintenance Manual at http://leicaclub.net/files/leica_m2_service.pdf For the brave and fearless Read more

Voigtlander 21mm f/4 for Leica M for ...
03/01/10 | Jay Westcott
Voigtlander 21mm f/4 M mount lens -$315.00 USD. This lens was made for the R4M and R4A cameras and does not come with a viewfinder, though one is available separately. I purchased this new almost ... Read more

Bessa R4A or R4M
08/16/09 | Peter Klesken
Hi guys, anyone have any experience with the R4A or R4M? I want to buy it for my 21mm Elmarit. Thanks, Read more

Bill Putnam's Web site is up!
08/21/09 | Bill Putnam
After a lot of editing (or maybe not enough... hmm...) my Web site is up: www.billputnam.net Instead of posting an overwhelming amount of work I decided to put singles up first, then essays or ... Read more

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Pierre Claquin is in Lamballe , France ( 4 months ago)
Pierre Claquin is in Lamballe , France ( 4 months ago)
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Roberto (Bear) Gu... is in Quito , Ecuador ( 12 months ago)

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