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Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson

Travel History

Profession: Photographer & Writer
Location: Ocala Florida , United States
Home base: Santo Domingo
URL: http://www.darkhorseimages.org
URL: http://grubstreet21.blogspot.com/
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Organization: Dark Horse Images
Journal: http://sparkofaccident.blogspot.com/
AIM/iChat: macocael1
Skype: Macocael1 macocael1
Gizmo Project: macocael
Mobile phone: 809 419 2014
Blood type: AB+
Last login: over 3 years ago
Member since: 01 Jul 2004 00:07


My photo site, Dark Horse Images, (now an “org” instead of a “com”) is down for a total overhaul. Be back up once I have had some R & R in Florida.



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Recent Post

Photo Desk contact info for NY TIMES

Has Patrick Witty left the Times? My emails to his account come back from the “postmaster” as “delivery failed.” Does anyone have contact data for his replacement, if indeed he is no longer there? Dont bother to post anything here, I am locking the thread. Just email me at macocael@gmail.com.


03 Jun 2010 16:06 | 0 replies


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