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Nick Pogar

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Advice on Travel to Kuwait and Turkey

Longtime lurker here on Lightstalkers and I’ve finally planned a trip this Fall. I’ll be travelling to Kuwait and Turkey late August/early September for a couple weeks. This is mainly a personal trip to catch up with friends and to explore the region. I’ve been interested in photojournalism for a while now and have a decent personal portfolio, but I am looking to expand into possible freelance work.

I’ve got no delusions about the competitiveness in the field, and if I am fortunate enough to capture interesting subjects on my travels I would eventually like to shop out any photos/stories that may come along.

I’ve just got basic questions concerning photo equipment and seek advice on the region. I’ll soon be enrolled in Arabic language courses here in DC and will also do my best to pick up basic Turkish to help on my travels. I am fortunate enough to have a friend in Kuwait, who has worked in Turkey previously and who is willing to travel with me and help guide my way.

I’ll mainly be in Istanbul, but will probably travel around a bit. As a westerner, what are some key bits of advice that you can offer? Are there areas that you recommend I avoid?

Regarding photo equipment, I’m currently using a Nikon D5000 and will be picking up a 18-200mm lens in addition to the 18-55mm kit lens I have. I’ve been considering the purchase of a Canon 5D for awhile now, but I’m interested in hearing what most of you use on your travels.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Nick Pogar

15 Apr 2013 17:04 | 2 replies

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