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Profession: Photojournalist
Status: Photographer
Location: [undisclosed location].
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Portfolios Hard=Print .

Okay topic today

Just trying to see if anyone still uses the old Portfolio Submission Technique?

Meaning a hard portfolio case!

Me I still do as it seems to work better with clients that your meeting face to face.

Of course more and more submissions are online, me included this is quicker, cheaper etc. makes them say yes or no in an instant, instead of the months like before.

Just looking for what type case, size, and type and size of print used if any.

The reason a true portfolio is important especially in contact with a potential client either long term job hire or working for a client just for a quick job is that most Photos are to be PRINTED! on paper, magazine etc. Unless your only putting up online then you don’t need one, but then if your only shooting for online why the Mega-Megapixel DSLR?

Anyway just a topic looking to see what you all think.

All PJ’s should have one with them, with Business Cards, etc.

Instead of the reply go to my web site?
although a portfolio on the web is good because more see it and quicker. Try a hard print version and see if it helps, it should.

Take Care Shooters.


27 Apr 2009 17:04 | 0 replies

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