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Belonging to the NPPA

Anyone have any experience with the NPPA? I was thinking of signing up to take advantage of the mentor program that they are running. Just wondering if anyone has used it and had any feedback.



by Ari Jankelowitz at 2007-12-29 23:26:51 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) New York , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

I’ve been a member since 1978.

If you use the things they offer it’s a great deal. The magazine is terrific and the website is valuable. The insurance programs are probably worth the membership fee.

On a broader level the NPPA lobbies in support of photographers rights, and their voice gets heard.

by bill frakes | 01 Jan 2008 14:01 | Florida, United States | | Report spam→
I am a member but I do not have acces to their insurance programs (wich was one of the reasons y joined). I tried to gcreate some movement in getting acces to the insurance programs to us foreign members living outside the US to no avail. Maybe 2008 will be the year.

I did manage to get a copy of the code of ethics in spanish wich I share with my staff.

O well, as Frakes says The magazine is good, and the sales discounts are good too. Good place to get info too.


by Tomas Stargardter | 02 Jan 2008 03:01 | Managua, Nicaragua | | Report spam→
LIsten to Bill Frakes (Hi Bill, been a while—I use to be in San Jose). I realize there are issues for foreign members but if you’re in the USA it’s great IF you take advantage of what they offer. Much to be learned. Good luck Ari in your career.

by John Robert Fulton Jr. | 02 Jan 2008 10:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
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by WorldAssignment | 23 Mar 2010 15:03 | paris, France | | Report spam→
can anyone validate WA?

by david a weiss | 23 Mar 2010 22:03 | | Report spam→

by Tomas Stargardter | 24 Mar 2010 00:03 | Managua, Nicaragua | | Report spam→
so far i could not understand anything about the insurance they offer.. i have a private insurace here in italy that of course do not cover a whole bunch of things i might cross when shooting, like, for example, any war related accident. does their? and what about equipment? i am sorry to sound so helpless but i could not find my way in to the detailed description of the thing. consider that i am not US citizen so it might be slightly different..
considering that costs 180/125 USD which is in any case not that much it might be so interesting to join, but i guess i need some more feedback..
for instance, some episode of your lives when the nppa sub have been useful, or something you thank them for.. or on the other hand, something that really disappointed you.

by Giulio Petrocco | 24 Mar 2010 13:03 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
sorry i forgot to say one important thing.
Thank you all as always.

by Giulio Petrocco | 24 Mar 2010 13:03 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
sorry Tomas, was your comment on spam directed to me?

by david a weiss | 26 Mar 2010 01:03 | | Report spam→
David: I think Tomas may have been receiving messages from the WorldAssignment profile and that’s why he’s frustrated. Don’t worry, I doubt he’s shouting at you! Though, the mere fact he’s complained about being spammed doesn’t bode well in respects to validating them..

by Grant Thistle | 05 Apr 2010 17:04 | Glasgow, Scotland., United Kingdom | | Report spam→

Grant is right. It was the World Assingment kidnaping of the thread and subsequent spamming. I sure did not appreciate it and totaly un proffesional to use someone else’s thread to pump your business.


by Tomas Stargardter | 05 Apr 2010 17:04 | Managua, Nicaragua | | Report spam→
Sorry about the bothering. This will not happen again.

by WorldAssignment | 06 Apr 2010 08:04 | paris, France | | Report spam→
Live and learn. Cheers.


by Tomas Stargardter | 06 Apr 2010 16:04 | Managua, Nicaragua | | Report spam→
Well I guess they kind of blew that one …

by BignoseTW | 07 Apr 2010 08:04 | Taipei, Taiwan | | Report spam→

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