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Complete Nikon Outfit 4 Sale *cheap cheap

mix and match- or take it all away

Nikon D100……………………………700
Nikon D1X……………………………..1,000 (needs repair)
Nikon F100…………………………….500
Nikon 17-35mm 2.8………………..600 (needs repair)
Nikon 28-70mm 2.8………………..750
Nikon 80-200mm 2.8………………400 (needs repair)
Nikon 50mm 1.4……………………..150
Nikon sb-28dx……………………….125
Nikon 24mm 2.8……………………..free if you buy anything over 500
Nikon 300 2.8…………………………free if you buy anything over 2,000
Nikon 24-120 (p.o.s.)……………….250
Tamron 2x extender…………………125

*Take Everything for $4,000 . . . or less if you can think of some kind of trade . . .

Anything is better than selling it to B+H/Adorama

by [a former member] at 2005-02-17 07:22:22 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Mazare Sharif , Afghanistan | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Patrick I have a friend in Jamaica looking to make good use of that 24-120. She just got started at a newspaper there and is as ready to find out how broke this job can get you, like when we all started back in the back in the….
If you are ready to get rid of it, please call me at 917-589-0850 or email me at Leicauser503@mac.com

by Ruddy Roye | 18 Feb 2005 01:02 | Montego Bay, Jamaica | | Report spam→
you’re doing it! you little bitch, you’re switching to canon. i swear I’m going to be the last nikon user out there…
how bad is your D1X, and be honest because if you sell me a piece of crap you KNOW I will come over there and kick you ass. but then I’ll take you out to that indian restaurant because I just can’t stay mad at you.

by [former member] | 22 Feb 2005 12:02 | Istanbul, Turkey | | Report spam→
Hey Patrick,
What kind of ‘repairs’ does that D1X need? is all this stuff going to be coming via Afghanistan, and if so, what is the expected shipping time (can you ship from Afghanistan)? thanks.


by [former member] | 22 Feb 2005 22:02 | Washington, DC, United States | | Report spam→
yo, yes i’m sorry cj, i have to

D1X is worth 1,000 if you want a beefy camera, although it needs cleaning and the dial on the back is broke off, so maybe 300-400 repair? i’m not sure but i am sure i am switching to canon otherwise i would probably keep using it as is-without autofocus- because the dial is busted the red ‘cursor’ inside the viewfinder moves on it’s own. It would be best for you to see it first, or i can take some pictures of the thing/and/or take it in for an estimate. All the stuff is in Brooklyn storage unit and i’ll be coming back into town by March 25th or so to unload everything.

buy buy buy

good to hear from you christie, can’t wait to crash your place in India

by [former member] | 23 Feb 2005 05:02 | Mazare Sharif, Afghanistan | | Report spam→
although your D1X sounds like a nightmare, maybe it’s worth it if some of your talent rubs off on me – photos on your galley look great, is that all new IOM stuff?
I’ll pass on the camera and look forward to seeing you in India, are you flying back via delhi?

by [former member] | 23 Feb 2005 07:02 | Istanbul, Turkey | | Report spam→
aight cj

wasnt’ planning on delhi but sounds spicy!

All new IOM stuff from the past couple weeks, someday soon i will get P.A.I.D. by IOM so i can P.A.Y. Mr. Shinji and get my website up and running, damn!


by [former member] | 24 Feb 2005 01:02 | Mazare Sharif, Afghanistan | | Report spam→
Why, oh why must you copy everything I do?

No man, I just p1cked up two 20D s over x-mass in Italy- so, so much better than my rig before. You will be happy. They gave me 2000 euro for the D1x and the two lenses…. suckers. They are probably still shak1ng out all of the dust that must be trapped in them.

I have to say though, f1ve m1nutes worth of rain in Indonesia fried one of my bodies for four days…that never happened w1th the Nikon stuff…

We should be there by Sunday, you can get a direct flight from Kabul you know. Or drive that surf through Pakistan. Curry in a hurry. Ill even buy you a beer.

Good office, good office.

by [former member] | 24 Feb 2005 07:02 (ed. Feb 24 2005) | istanbul, Turkey | | Report spam→

Met two Indians yesterday, no scotty not the ones we learned about in Colorado history. They said Bombay is like new york and delhi is like D.C., maybe Bombay is better?

2,000 no good, damn I just want to sell sell and unload. Scott, any chance you come back to Afghani landia? Word is- fighting in Zabul province. Also rumor of 4 internationals kidnapped. Word word says Pakistanis grabbed some Talibs and got some info, now the fight is going on. Going to Kondoz soon, then Faizabad, cold cold

Plan is to leave in March (25th or so) and return in April (8th), just get a nice couch in your new housie with your w_fie . . . . oooops

chi mi kooooonie


by [former member] | 25 Feb 2005 20:02 | Mazare Sharif, Afghanistan | | Report spam→
Hey Partick,
Been a while in afghaistan.. jeez.
I dont suppose my battery from Iraq is in the mix of stuff?


by [former member] | 27 Feb 2005 01:02 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
Its not on the table yet, but I am hoping to be back there sooner than later…

It looks like you have begun that long slow decent into madness a little sooner than we all predicted…Maybe you need some Larb at Mai Thai to put things back in perspective?

I will have the WiFi kickin’ and the couch de-loused for your arrival…

by [former member] | 27 Feb 2005 02:02 | Delhi, India | | Report spam→

i’ve got some batteries with your name all over them- off to anywhere anytime soon?

pls scotty keep the louses, i may need their warmth

by [former member] | 27 Feb 2005 07:02 | Konduz, Afghanistan | | Report spam→
hey patrick,

sorry for the slow response. i’m going to have to pass on that d1x. i leave for a long trip before you get back. good luck getting rid of all that stuff. why you bailing nikon just as the d2x comes out?


by [former member] | 27 Feb 2005 11:02 | Washington, DC, United States | | Report spam→

canon is far too advanced to be using nikon, even though i will miss nikon’s durability/reliability, where are you off to?

by [former member] | 27 Feb 2005 20:02 | Konduz, Afghanistan | | Report spam→
Yeah, maybe I’m in denial about nikon. initial reaction to new d2 seems ho-hum. I’ll be shooting a project in South Africa for 3 months. thinking of maybe swinging through afghanistan for a while on the way back if the funds are still looking good so i’ll look you up. is work pretty slim pickings out there at this point?

ben, i see you’re in sudan. is access to darfur still a horrible pain? i heard it was tedious and expensive a few months ago but haven’t followed up since…

by [former member] | 28 Feb 2005 22:02 | Washington, DC, United States | | Report spam→

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