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HELP airport card G3 Tower installation HELL

Hello hello
this is the PCI card i bought for a G3 (blue and white) Tower


Now that the card is in front of me and the G3 is spread eagle on the floor… i am lost and cannot, for the life of me, see where to place it..?
Anyone know this problem and machine?

I’ve been surfing the web, not on my G3!, to no avail


thank you

by [a former member] at 2005-06-10 15:13:47 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) NY , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Do you have your manual for the G3?

The card goes into the PCI slot. The “open” slots are beside the graphics card. You will need a philps (star) head screw driver to remove the backing peice.

by [former member] | 10 Jun 2005 15:06 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
I have no manual.. this G3 was given to me by a friend who ran a large office where all the computers were linked .. network.. i guess
so i’m thinking there may be something to remove?
PCI slots? no writing in this blue and white box!
graphics card?
ok .. i’m going back to it now to check with new more confident eyes
as you haven’t said it was the wrong card !
thank you

by [former member] | 10 Jun 2005 15:06 | NY, United States | | Report spam→
the graphics card is the card attached to the spot where the monitor plugs in. If you can’t find it email me and I wil give you direct contact info and walk you through it.

by [former member] | 10 Jun 2005 17:06 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
this Quicktime movie shows you the basics of what you’re doing.
It is for replacing the video card, but the way to put a new card in is the same.
There are 4 slots in your G3. The first one should hold the graphics card and the bottom one probably holds a controller card for your harddrive. The two in the middle could either be empty or hold a SCSI card. You will want to remove the phillips screw that holds the little back plate next to an empty slot, remove the plate and pop in the card. Make sure it settles well into the slot and replace the phillips screw. That should do the trick.
The card should definitely work if you’re running OS X.
Good luck!

by [former member] | 11 Jun 2005 01:06 | Baghdad, Iraq | | Report spam→

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