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Leica M4P body for Sale

For Sale: one Leica M4P body, in near mint condition. I am asking $800; I paid about $1200 when I bought it from Tamarkin.

Here is what the Leica manual has to say about this model:

“Leica M4 P (1981 to 1987), replaced the M4 2 to re establish the rangefinder Leica as the ideal camera for those photographers who need its special attributes of accurate focussing with high speed lenses, especially in dim light, and quiet vibrationless operation for discreet, unobtrusive work or hand held exposures with slow shutter speeds. It differs from the M4 2 in that the bright line frames are provided in the parallax corrected viewfinder for 28mm and 75mm lenses in addition to the 35mm, 50mm, 90mm, and 135mm of the M4 and M4 2. the frames are arranged in pairs thus; 28mm and 90mm, 50mm and 75mm, and 35mm and 135mm. A pre selector on the front of the camera allows each pair of frames to be viewed in turn for selecting appropriate focal length.”

This is a beautiful camera and I have treated it very well. There is a tiny chip of paint off the rear flange, but otherwise it practically looks new and still has the original adhesive plastic protection on the bottom. For those of you who are not familiar with Leica, let me say that this is a particularly nice model: the available frame lines and their combination are perfect. The only thing lacking, which may or may not be a significant issue for you, is a built-in meter. This was added for the first time to the Leica M5, a big ugly heavy thing, and then refined for the M6, which pretty much got it right. If you are an experienced shooter, the lack of a meter shouldnt bother you, as you can probably estimate yourself alot of times and of course a hand held meter will do the trick. I used this camera to do an essay on the Times Square area at night, and it performed flawlessly, with perfect exposures every time: at times I shot as slow as half a second — no tripod — and the image was beautifully sharp. And I was shooting slide. One other interesting detail: the M4P is actually a sturdier model than the M6. Apparently the shutter mechanism has an extra screw and tends to require fewer timing adjustments over the course of its life. I havent had to adjust the timing since I bought it.

Any questions, you have all my contact info on my profile. I would post a pic but I dont want to unnecessarily take up server space. I can email you one if you are interested.

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